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Hertford’s great British clean up

27 May 2022

As Spring started, giving us longer days of sunlight, it was a great time to get cleaning and clearing up our clutter. Throughout March, we organised community clean-up days at some of our schemes in Hertford where we provided skips for residents to use so they could get rid of their unwanted items in an environmentally friendly way.

Community clean-up days at our schemes

Skip full of rubbishWe organised the community clean-up days at the Pinehurst Estate, Berkeley Close, Tower Road and Cecil Road. The events were a great success. Not only was the sun shining but many residents made use of the free skips to clear their homes and gardens of unwanted items.  Some skips were so popular that they were full by midday!

It was great to see the improvement to the estates as well as residents helping each other. Our neighbourhood officers were also around to help and speak with residents.  

Community clean-up days in our communities

We extended our community clean-up days to include a quarter of a mile long footpath that was overgrown and neglected. Our neighbourhood officer for Sele Farm worked alongside colleagues, residents, community leaders, local police cadets and police officers, and councillors to clean up Thieves Lane in preparation for the “Eggtravaganza Easter egg hunt” event that we had planned for the young residents in the area. We also received support from our cleaning contractor, New Green, and The Sele School who supplied equipment, as well as colleagues from East Herts council, Well-being Hub, The Co-op and St Andrews School.

After two days of working hard to clean up the clutter, the path was cleared of many years of debris. It was no longer covered in rubbish, rubble, unwanted household items, mud and vegetation. The lane was safe for all to use and ready for the egg hunt the next day!

What’s next?

Our neighbourhood and estates teams will continue to work together to ensure that we help you to maintain your estate and community. We will include you in our activities and explore opportunities for you to have your say about what happens to your community. We look forward to holding more community clean-up days in the future so look out for more information about them.

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