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BLOG: Creating safe neighbourhoods, free from ASB

11 December 2020

By Sal Ravanshad, Resident Panel member

I feel honoured to have been asked to write a blog for all you lovely Network Homes Residents. I shall begin with introducing myself. My name is Sal Ravanshad and I have been a Network Homes resident since January 2019. One year later, I was lucky enough to be selected to be on the Hertford Residents Panel, taking part in quarterly meetings with other panel members to improve the quality of life for all Network Homes residents.

As soon as I was asked to write this blog, I knew the topic I wanted to talk about - neighbourhood issues or neighbour problems. This topic is even more relevant now in the current climate with the sudden Covid-19 pandemic.

Let’s face it, we all have neighbours! And in an ideal world we would all get along to develop a strong sense of community however, sometimes due to differing personalities and backgrounds, there is conflict. Whether it’s obvious or more subtle, it can make life feel very uncomfortable. I have personal experience of targeted anti-social behaviour (ASB) which is why I feel able to contribute to this subject.

Network Homes has taken swift action to deal with this type of ASB and of course others. Over the course of the past few months, they’ve reviewed their Anti-social behaviour policy and created a new ASB toolkit.

This new online toolkit allows residents to report most forms of ASB within their neighbourhoods which can take many different forms. The toolkit is straightforward and has been designed to make it user friendly. The user can select which category of ASB they wish to report and then provide further information for the matter to be investigated if necessary by Network Homes’ dedicated Neighbourhood Teams. Obviously providing as much detail as possible always helps, and the complainant including his or her name also helps to prevent unfriendly neighbours from making false/fraudulent claims. The toolkit also provides advice and guidance as to what is considered to be ASB and makes reference to other information to assist you in trying to resolve any differences you may have with your neighbours. If you witness activity of a criminal nature this should always be reported to the Police in the first instance. It must be said that Network Homes take the privacy, confidentiality, safety and data protection of all their residents extremely seriously. However sometimes, due to the nature of the complaint, it may be quite evident where the complaint has come from.

Network Homes are passionate about making your neighbourhoods safer and happier places to live. This will be done by continuing to work closely with local police forces and local authorities and relies on everyone being accountable for their actions. We all have our part to play. Talk to your neighbours. Respect our differences. Please contact Network Homes to find out more.

Having lived in the city most of my life, I know that Hertford & the surrounding areas is a beautiful place to live. Let’s all please work to keep it that way. I wish all Network Homes residents a very peaceful Christmas, and let’s remember to be kind and understanding to one another, especially in these very challenging and uncertain times.

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