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The new building safety legislation

02 June 2022

The government has introduced new legislation called the Building Safety Act, which they have called the biggest change to building safety ‘in a generation’. 

Much of what has changed has come following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower where 72 people lost their lives.  

The Act features several key areas where residents, Network Homes and the wider sector will be affected: 

  • Regulation: new building safety regulator to improve industry standards and new construction materials regulator 
  • Gateways: new ‘gateway’ programme which will not allow construction projects to progress without the correct documentation 
  • Accountable person: a named person/organisation who is responsible for all the relevant safety information and items at a building 
  • Resident engagement: residents will have increased powers to access safety information, and increased responsibilities to keep themselves and their neighbours safe and allow access for safety maintenance.  

We’ll be working with the London and Hertford Local Panels to communicate with you further about this to ensure you know what your new responsibilities are and how you can raise issues of building safety. 

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