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Read our new Building Safety Resident Engagement strategy

23 June 2021

We’ve just launched our new Building Safety Resident Engagement strategy. The strategy is about how we will engage and communicate with residents about building safety for new and existing buildings. Its purpose is to ensure all residents can have a say when it comes to the safety of their home. The key aims of this strategy are to:  

  • Ensure residents are empowered to play an effective role in ensuring their building is, and continues to be, safe;
  • Set out the ways residents can get involved and the benefits to them from participating in engagement on building safety;
  • Identify the building safety information residents wish to be provided with;
  • Identify the way in which residents wish to be provided with building safety information;
  • Establish how we can improve the way we engage with residents in relation to the safety of their home;
  • Engage staff with regards to residents’ rights to have a say in relation to their homes;
  • Clarify our responsibilities and residents’ responsibilities to ensure their homes remain safe. 

To develop this strategy we firstly held a number of focus groups with residents and used their feedback to put a draft strategy together. We then consulted more widely via survey and had 198 responses from residents and incorporated all their feedback into the strategy. We also developed two supporting documents that many residents living in our Older Person Schemes said would be helpful. Residents said the strategy is too long so we created a summary version to sit alongside the full strategy document. They also said that a pictorial version would be better for some residents and we have created that too. 

This strategy should be seen as the first steps in achieving meaningful engagement with residents about the safety of their homes. As new legislation comes into place, we will ensure that this strategy is updated to reflect that.

Read the summary strategy

Read the full strategy 


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