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Network Homes proudly opens revamped ‘Stockwell Hall of Fame’

20 May 2019

A world-famous graffiti pen in Stockwell will pay host to art, films, sport and more as it reopens after a significant refurbishment by Network Homes.

The transformed ‘Stockwell Hall of Fame’ was officially reopened at a special event on Wednesday 15 May with local residents from Stockwell Park Estate and along with invited guests from Lambeth Council and partners.

The graffiti pen has been in use for 40 years and is one of few places which allows people to legally paint graffiti.

The refurbishment was carried out by Kingsbury Construction and work began in in December 2018 following an extensive consultation with local residents, graffiti artists and architects. The new pen is designed to be multi use and especially welcoming to children. It will showcase changing graffiti artwork and interior wall spaces have been retained to allow artists to continue working. A new internal podium has also been installed which can be used to show films and there is a sports court for basketball and football.

The revamped ‘Hall of Fame’ is part of a wider £200 million investment by Network Homes into the transformation of Stockwell Park Estate. Since 2007, we’ve refurbished 457 homes, built six new housing developments and created 473 new homes. We’ve also spent £1.8 million refurbishing the local Community Centre. Network Homes’ subsidiary SW9 Community Housing will manage the space.

Helen Evans Board_July16-059

“Transforming Stockwell Park is much more than refurbishing homes and building new housing. It’s about creating communities that people are proud of and want to live in. We want the Hall of Fame to be a space where people can be creative in a free and informal way. Equally we want a facility that the local community feel comfortable in their local neighbourhood.”

Helen Evans, Network Homes Chief Executive

Delroy Rankin, Executive Director at SW9 Community Housing, commented: “Having a dedicated place for graffiti and public art is something quite unique to the Stockwell Park Estate. The space is famous, and we are very proud that it has been refurbished and opened out into a facility that can be used by the entire creative community, both within the estate and beyond.”

Stockwell based graffiti artist Boyd Hill said: “For years it’s been the place in London for people to come from all over the world to do their art. It’s about having an inclusive space that gets used for many different things, the graffiti’s part of it but the residents get to use it for different activities.”

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