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Cameron marks one year as a Network Homes Apprentice

16 September 2020

Cameron Anterkyi, our Business Admin Apprentice, has packed a lot in in his first 12 months. He joined us in October 2019 along with two other apprentices and he’s worked in a number of teams around Network Homes

Cameron’s written a blog and recorded a short video on his experience so far which you can check below.

It comes as we begin the hunt for our new apprentices. These opportunities will be open to everyone 18 and above including Network residents.

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My journey so far as a Network Homes Apprentice - By Cameron Anterkyi


Since joining Network Homes in October 2019, I have worked in a number of teams, including Planned Admin, Research and Policy, Marketing and Communications and Voids and Lettings. Each one has slightly different needs which has allowed me to develop skills such as communication, report writing and data analysis. In all the teams I have worked in, my colleagues have supported me in tasks and have also challenged me to lead projects on my own.

Cameron Anterkyi, Business Admin Apprentice

The introduction of lockdown in March changed my workload and way I work slightly, but I was still able to connect with my colleagues on a daily basis. I am working on a number of projects, such as refining our Older Persons Waiting List for the Voids and Lettings Team, collecting social media, website and intranet analytics for the Marketing and Communications Team and conducting research into under-occupation and the benefits cap for the Research and Policy Team. I also had a chance to visit the Customer Contact centre in our Hertford office to gain more of an understanding in that side of the business.

Network Homes have also provided me with opportunities to develop my knowledge of customer service and resilience through various training programmes.

My apprenticeship assignments have challenged me and given me a broader understanding of the various processes of administration in a business. The project I’m doing for my apprenticeship, which focuses on the effects working from home has on peoples’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, will involve interviewing members of staff and sending out a questionnaire to staff.

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