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Network Homes launches new strategy for a sustainable future

25 February 2021

Network Homes has published our first Sustainability Strategy which sets out our approach to a more sustainable future and the steps we want to take to get there.

Our 2021 to 2024 strategy describes how we'll try to address the issues of sustainability and integrate them into our day-to-day activities and long term planning. It has been put together by our Environmental Sustainability Group, overseen by Peter Benz, our Executive Director of Finance.

They’ve highlighted five key aims for us to improve our environmental performance, including the following:

  1. Identify how our business activities affect the environment
  2. Establish methods of improving our approach to sustainability
  3. Improve the environmental performance of our existing homes
  4. Outline new technologies and ways of working to reduce our carbon footprint
  5. Engage staff with regards to green issues

The steps we take now to fight climate change are needed more than ever. As an organisation, we need to act to reduce our environmental footprint and as a social landlord, we can help prepare for a low carbon future and lessen fuel poverty.

The Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT), have compared Network against other housing associations putting us at Bronze standard, ranking 35th out of 40 most recent SHIFT assessments. So, this shows the need to improve our environmental performance and we’re confident this strategy shows we’re committed to improving.

Read the full SHIFT report here


The world is facing a climate emergency and the actions we take now are needed more than ever. Network Homes is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and providing current and future residents with sustainable homes supported by environmentally responsible business practices. This strategy will help us start our journey to becoming a more sustainable and environmentally friendly organisation and meet the UK government’s carbon reduction agenda.

Peter Benz, Executive Director of Finance

Read the full strategy here

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