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We secure £1,600 donation for Sele Community Hub from the Co-op

07 December 2022

Colleagues posing with a cheque

We’ve received a generous donation of £1600 from the Co-op Local Communities Fund towards the Sele Community Hub, in Sele Farm, Hertford. The cash is being used for a range of community-based schemes run from the Hub which hosts CAB, mental health support, the Hertford Pantry (a community fridge, events for local children and amongst a number of environmental projects: a daffodil planting project.

The Sele Community Hub is managed by Network Homes, with Community Alliance Broxborne and East Hert, and has proved to be valuable resource for Sele Farm since it was opened in 2021 by providing activities, services and projects for local people. The donation from the Co-op was generated from customer contributions over the last 12 months as well as from the sale of shopping bags.

Tim Goodwin

This donation is really welcomed and has supported in the delivery of some fantastic projects for the community. The Hub is proving a home to community partners to come together and deliver valuable services and projects for the residents of Sele Farm, towards the realisation of the Sele Farm Neighbourhood Regeneration Plan.

Tim Goodwin, Network Homes Regeneration Manager

Kim Hale, former Co-op Member Pioneer for Hertford, Bengeo and Stanstead Abbotts, commented: "This is a fantastic resource for Sele Farm residents and several initiatives have been born in the hub and reached out to include the wider community. In my community-based role, I have been pleased to collaborate on a number of projects centered around the hub including ‘Time to Talk' day event, the Network Homes Easter Egg Hunt, Thieves Lane litter pick and community garden, Mix Cafe and The Hertford Pantry. I have met a lot of people who work hard for Sele Farm and enjoyed being a small part of a great team. Sadly, I am leaving the area in the New Year so I’m leaving my current role. It’s been a real pleasure."

Colleagues gathered in the community hub

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