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Share your experiences of social housing stigma in new survey

21 June 2024

We're part of a group of London's largest housing associations called the G15 that work together on the issues facing customers and housing providers. As part of that, we are inviting customers who rent their homes to take part in a survey which will capture your experience of any stigma you may have experienced while living in social housing.

While all G15 landlords manage social homes in London, we also manage homes across the country. If you rent your home, we're interested in hearing your views wherever you live, and all responses are completely anonymous.

Daisy Armstrong, G15 Residents Group Chair, said: "It is important for the G15 Housing Associations to hear about your experiences of stigma, as a social housing resident. By taking part in this survey, you can help to influence the G15’s aim to make this a priority for the next government. The G15 Residents’ Group are resident representatives from each of the G15 members and all have experience of living in social housing and the stigma that can be attached to this. We believe it is important that the G15 uses its platform to highlight the issues that matter to residents." 

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Often, the conversations can be focused around the housing crisis and the importance of building more social homes. But while that is a very important issue, we also want to challenge perceptions of who socially housed residents are, and influence how they are treated, viewed and respected.

Daisy Armstrong, G15 Residents Group Chair

G15 colleagues have designed this survey with input from the residents’ group. We're interested to hear about whether your experience of living in social housing, how you have positively changed your or your neighbours’ lives, whether you've have been negatively treated or looked down on because of where you live, and if so, what you think should be done about it.

The survey results will be collated and analysed by L&Q and used in a research report, as part of a G15 campaign highlighting some of the issues in the housing sector ahead of, and after, the general election next month. We want to use this information to demonstrate the worth of social housing and to celebrate the difference social housing residents make in society. This will be part of the conversation on building a future housing policy, which the G15 Residents’ Group fully endorse.

You can click here or the button below to complete this survey before it closes on Friday 5 July

Complete the G15 social housing stigma survey here

Click for more information on the G15

No personal information, or characteristics which can be used to identify anyone, will be collected in this survey. Once the survey has been analysed, the report will be published on the G15 website. You can also click here to read more about how we store and use your data, or visit: www.sng.org.uk/privacy-policy

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