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Changes to services over the Jubilee bank holiday

30 May 2022

Due to the upcoming bank holidays on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 May 2022, there will be some changes to some of the services we provide to residents.

Contact centre opening hours

Wednesday 1 June 8am to 6pm
Thursday 2 June Closed
Friday 3 June Closed
Saturday 4 June Closed
Sunday 5 June Closed
Monday 6 June 8am to 6pm

On the days we are closed, our out of hours provider FirstCall will be taking emergency calls through the usual phone line number 0300 373 3000.

Cleaning and grounds maintenance

If you live in a Network Homes building that receives a cleaning service, there may be some changes to the cleaning schedules this week, particularly for buildings which are due to be cleaned on one of the bank holidays. This means cleaning may be completed earlier or later than generally expected.

The grounds maintenance teams will also be working as hard as possible to ensure any scheduled work is completed during this week in a timely manner.

Bin collection

The bank holidays will also impact the collection of rubbish for your local area. Our cleaning contractors will do their best to ensure bin areas are left as clear as possible before the bank holiday period. Please ensure any rubbish items are correctly bagged and disposed of in the bins provided and that no bulk waste is left within the communal area. If you would like to know what changes there will be to your bin collection schedule in your local area, please visit your local authority's website or contact your local refuse provider directly so they can advise.

If you have any queries about the cleaning or ground maintenance before or after the bank holiday period, please do contract us on 0300 373 3000 to discuss further

Safe Space

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