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Our new automated messaging and voice calling service

06 June 2024

The increase in cost of living is affecting many people, making it more important now, than ever before, for us to ensure we are supporting customers who need our help. One way we do this is by helping customers sustain their tenancy and leases by making early preventative interventions if they fall into payment arrears. We use an automated messaging and voice calling service to contact you if we notice that you have missed a payment on your account, so that we can work with you sooner rather than later.

We have always proactively contacted customers when we notice they may need our support with paying rent and leaseholder/ shared owner charges, but with the time spent not getting through to someone, we have less time to support those who do answer our calls. By using an automated voice calling and text service, we can get through to more people and therefore support more customers.

How the messaging and voice call service works

We are using a voice calling and messaging service, provided by Voicescape, to automatically call you if you have overdue payments on your account with us which are building up. If you answer the call, the system will let you know that we are calling and what to do so that we can transfer you to a member of our Income teams. If you receive a text message from the system, it will let you know how to get in contact directly with our Income team for tenants, shared owners or leaseholders, rather than through our general enquiries line.

How to identify it’s us calling you

Calls and voicemails

We make these calls to you from one of the following numbers:

  • 020 8068 0304
  • 020 8068 0305
  • 020 8068 0306
  • 020 3695 2588
  • 020 3695 2593
  • 020 3695 2602
  • 020 3695 2607

When you answer the call, you will hear a pre-recorded message that will let you know we’re calling, to select a number on your phone’s keypad to be transferred to us and that you will not be charged for the call. If you do not answer the call, we will leave you a pre-recorded message with details about what to do.

Text messages

We will send you text messages from sender ‘SNG’. The text message will let you know that it’s from us, which number to call to contact us and what you’ll need to quote so we can identify you.

The text and voicemails from our system will ask you to call us back and when you do this, you’ll be transferred to one of our income officers. There will also be an option to receive a URL link to pay on.

What to do if you have concerns

If you would like to find out more about our new automated voice calling and messaging service or confirm that a call or text message from us is genuine, please email us at customerservice@networkhomes.org.uk for the attention of the Income teams, complete our online contact us form, send us a direct message on Twitter or Instagram, or call us on 0300 373 3000.

Updated: 6 June 2024

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