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Network Homes and HACT develop new framework to enhance resident feedback

07 December 2020

Network Homes has joined with social housing innovation agency HACT to develop a framework that will support the sector to enhance resident feedback.

The five-stage framework is timely following on from the Government's Social Housing White Paper and has been developed following extensive research detailed in a new report called 'Optimising resident feedback'. 

The report looked into existing resident feedback processes used across the social housing sector will ask organisations the following questions:

  • Why are you collecting resident feedback?
  • Who are you collecting feedback from?
  • How are you collecting resident feedback?
  • Which metrics are you using?
  • What are you doing with resident feedback once you’ve collected it?

Rob Wray, Chief Innovation Officer at HACT said: “The framework will help social housing organisations re-align feedback as a tool that delivers on their responsibility to their residents and transparently demonstrates to the regulator that they are meeting and exceeding standard.

“The report backs up the White Paper’s assertion that the sector needs a new set of customer satisfaction metrics to measure the things that matter to residents. There is a window of opportunity for the sector to collaborate and work with residents and the Regulator to develop metrics to ensure the resident voice is at the heart of decision-making. The response of social housing organisations to the Covid-19 pandemic and their engagement with their residents provides an unprecedented opportunity.

"This framework lays the basis for them to build on that engagement and implement a resident feedback model that has the experience of residents – and their voice – at the heart of the business of social housing.”

Fabio Miccoli cropped

Flexibility is the key strength of this framework, in that it allows very different social landlords – by strategic objectives or geographical focus, for instance – to review their approach to measuring resident feedback whilst retaining the ability to properly apply the recommendations to their specific circumstances.

Fabio Miccoli, Research and Policy Analyst at Network Home

Fabio adds: “In the context of a changing relationship with our residents, as we navigate through the coronavirus crisis, and following the publication of the Social Housing White Paper, we hope the framework will serve as a valuable tool to put resident feedback to more meaningful operational use,” continued Fabio Miccoli.

In January 2021, HACT will be hosting a webinar to discuss the five stages of the framework in, with particular focus around the use of resident sentiment analysis and how we can collaborate around a new set of customer satisfaction metrics.

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