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Free and accessible wellbeing activities

07 June 2021

We know that it has been a tough time with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic having a big impact on us all. In this new normal, it’s important now more than ever that we look after ourselves. In February, we asked you to complete a wellbeing survey to find out what would benefit you the most when it comes to your wellbeing. Thank you to everyone who took part. We had a total of 59 responses which provides us with the information we need to create a programme of wellbeing activities relevant to you and other residents.

What you told us

It was great to see that most residents (90%) who took part in the survey has access to view online videos, webinars and workshops as these are the types of activities we plan to include in the programme. We also asked you to rank the different types of wellbeing topics in order of preference. All options were popular but the top three based on two highest rankings were physical wellbeing such as exercise (49.2%), sleep quality (45.7%) and money management advice (38.9%). The remaining two, mental wellbeing (33.9%) and social activities (32.2%), still received good ratings which show they are also important subject topics for you.

Next steps

There are some fantastic ways to help us manage our physical and mental wellbeing as well as a lot of resources available for people to access and use. Based on your feedback from the survey, we will be working to provide free online content and activities. We’ll source the relevant online webinars, videos, events and activities to support you to take care of your wellbeing. Please look out for more information about the wellbeing programme of activities.

Additional support

If you have been struggling to spend a bit of time on your wellbeing or are concerned about your mental health, please discuss this with your doctor or visit the NHS website which lists mental health charities, organisations and support groups that can offer expert advice. we also have some information and tips for managing your wellbeing on our website on the wellbeing and mental health page.

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