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For National Apprenticeship Week, hear from our Housing Apprentice

08 March 2019

Jonathan Bussette is a Housing Apprentice at Network Homes.

How long have you been working at Network Homes?

7 months. I started my apprenticeship with Network Homes in September 2018.

Why did you apply to be an apprentice at Network Homes?

I previously worked for an electricity and gas supplier, in a customer facing role, however I wanted more out of my job. I found out about the apprenticeship through an event Brent Council held and was interested so I applied. I wanted to become an apprentice at Network Homes because I wanted a career change and to experience a new challenge.  I also liked the idea of learning whilst working and being able to obtain the CIH Level 2 Certificate in Housing Practice.

What experience have you gained so far?

In my 7 months with Network Homes, I have spent time with the Customer Contact Centre in Hertford and the Neighbourhood Team at the Wembley office. During my time with the Customer Contact Centre, I learned how to use Northgate and the Customer Hub. I also gained first hand experience listening to customer queries and providing a solution to problems.

I am currently with Neighbourhood and I solve ASB cases and parking complaints. I also do estate inspections and visit tenants when they have disputes with their neighbours to find out more information. Some of my more exciting days have included attending problem solving sessions with the local police and going to court for eviction cases. Also, as part of my apprenticeship, I must complete 4 assignments based on my experiences working. I have already completed 3 of my 4 assignments and have found that they have really helped me with my writing skills.

What challenges have you faced so far and how did you overcome them?

Working in the Customer Contact Centre when I started my apprenticeship was challenging. I was given training before I was able to speak to customers on the phone.  Initially, I wasn’t confident speaking to them and dealing with their queries. However, I found that after the first few days, my confidence grew and I started to enjoy talking to different people everyday. Another challenge I have faced is dealing with complicated cases while working in Neighbourhood. Some cases are not as straight forward as they first appear to be and so require a lot of ground work before responding.

What are your future career plans?

I hope to have a permanent role in the housing sector, preferably a customer facing role at Network Homes as I enjoy interacting with new people regularly.

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