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Barbecue safety tips for the summer

06 June 2024

As the summer approaches and you enjoy the warm weather, it’s important to make sure you take precautions to keep your home safe from fires caused by summertime activities like barbecues. Whilst many customers will want to have barbecues when the weather gets hotter, we remind those living in flats that barbecues are a fire risk and are not allowed on balconies under any circumstances. This includes barbeques which are advertised to be used on balconies, as they create a fire safety risk.

If you are planning a barbecue in a communal garden where you live, you must get permission /approval from us before the event. Please contact us at least 14 days before your event in writing and please include your name, address, the date of the event. If you do not get approval from us, you will be in breach of your tenancy or lease.

If you have your own private garden and you are having a barbecue, please ensure you take these precautionary steps:

  1. Only barbecues outside, away from the external walls of your home
  2. Ensure the BBQ is clear of any other combustible items
  3. Make sure your BBQ is located on a flat level surface and not near any sheds, trees or shrubs
  4. Always ensure the barbecues is completely out before discarding of any coal
  5. Always allow the barbecues to cool down fully before storing it away
  6. Always clean your barbecues after use
  7. Always keep a bucket of water and sand close by in case there is an emergency
  8. Never leave your barbecue grill unattended while in use
  9. Wear appropriate clothing.

For more guidance on keeping safe from fire risks at home, please visit the Fire Safety Tips section of our website by clicking here or the button below.

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