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Network Homes submits applications for the government’s Building Safety Fund

11 September 2020

In March, as part of the budget, the government announced a £1bn Building Safety Fund. This is to help pay for the removal and replacement of non-ACM cladding (ACM is the type that was used on Grenfell). Applications for the fund opened in July and since then we’ve been working on behalf of residents to put together applications for buildings which are eligible. We’re not able to apply for every building which needs work doing, only those which meet the government’s criteria. Generally, this is for buildings over 18 metres with non-ACM cladding.

The fund will cover some aspects of the work that needs doing, such as replacing cladding or insulation. But it doesn’t cover ‘interim’ measures – these are things such as the waking watch and alarm systems.

What buildings are we submitting?

We’ve submitted our first application for a building in Harrow. We’re now submitting more applications over the coming weeks. If your building is eligible for the fund, we will write to you when we have submitted the formal application to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

What next?

We expect to hear back from the government from within a month of making our submissions. We’ll then write to you with the outcome of the submission. When we submit our application, this is not a guarantee the government will approve it.

Whatever the outcome is, we will write to you to explain it and we will let you know of a date we will hold a webinar so we can go through the next steps in detail. You’ll also be able to ask us questions at the webinar.

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