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BLOG: summer fun at our green events

30 September 2022

Evie Costick

This summer, we held two resident events based around the theme of sustainability- one event at Matthews Close in Wembley and one at Vantage Point in Hackney. Because of the pandemic and social distancing, it had been 882 days, 126 weeks, 2 years and 5 months since our last in-person resident event, so it was great to be back out talking to you face-to-face!

Evie Costick, Resident Engagement Officer

Volunteers from Network Homes and MCP shared information about sustainability, energy saving and reducing waste. We also shared the wonders of vinegar, tips to reduce food waste and advice on reducing energy usage. Many families came out to see us, find out what was going on and join the conversation (and the fun!)

As well as the discussions about making your homes and community more sustainable, attendees got to decorate plant pots for their guerrilla gardening kits and learn how to grow their own herbs to use in the kitchen. We also had a face painter, games and other fun activities for all the family.

We kept sustainability in mind when delivering the events, and chose to only provide merchandise or goodies that would benefit residents, supporting small and local businesses and using minimal single use plastics.

Thank you to all residents who joined us at these events, making our return to in-person events a success! It was great to see everyone getting involved. We’ll certainly be planning more in-person events in the near future, so stay tuned to our website and check out the Get Involved section for more resident involvement opportunities.

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