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Tackling Tenancy Fraud During Covid -19

20 November 2020

By Network's Tenancy Fraud Officer

Network Homes continues to take Tenancy fraud very seriously despite the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and we’ve pushed ahead with proactive drive since the start of the financial year in March.

As a Social Housing Provider in the current crisis, there are a number of issues we face, with fraud being one of the biggest. What fraudsters thrive on is the opportunity to acquire further ill-gotten gains that arises from uncertainty, which is what we are facing in the current climate.

During these difficult times with an already increased strain on limited social housing resources, the pandemic has added to this further as is evident by the number of tenancy fraud referrals we have received since the lockdown began in March. Illegally occupied properties prevent families and vulnerable individuals in greatest need and already on long housing waiting lists of somewhere suitable to live.

What’s happened?

Since the first lockdown in March, Network has recovered a further eight properties as a direct result of tenancy fraud investigations enabling us to ensure our homes are used to their full potential by only being occupied by those authorised to do so.

Legal action is set to follow on a further number of cases despite the setback the Coronavirus Act 2020 has had by the delays in evictions. Network remains undeterred in the fight against tenancy fraud and continues to work with Local Authorities to bring offenders to account.

We need your help!

Successful outcomes in tenancy fraud cases rely heavily on the support we receive from our residents and members of the public.  If you suspect someone of unlawfully subletting one of our properties, making a false statement to obtain a home, abandonment or fraudulently submitting a Right To Buy /Acquire application.

Contact us on 0208 459 9463 or email Fraud@networkhomes.org.uk.

As part of our commitment to tackle tenancy fraud, we’re offering a reward of £250 to residents and members of the public through a referral of suspected tenancy fraud which leads to the successful recovery of one of our social housing properties.

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