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Lifesaving community defibrillator installed at Rectory Park

09 June 2023

Residents of Rectory Park in Northolt now have access to a lifesaving defibrillator installed by Network Homes. The new device is located on an external wall at the community centre in Rectory Park Avenue.

Funding for the community defibrillator came from our Charitable Fund. Maintenance contractor AJS, who have kindly donated money to the fund, did the honours of installing the device at the site.

Defibrillators give a high energy electric shock to restart the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest. Rectory Park resident Gule Hanid will take on the essential role of checking the device every week. They will also be alerted to check and reinstate the device after use, so that it is once again ready on the 999-emergency service database. Cleaning contractors Pinnacle are paying towards defibrillator training for their cleaners based on Rectory Park and other volunteers to help in case of an emergency.

Jamie Ratcliff - resized

I’m proud we’ve been able to use our charitable fund to buy this vital lifesaving equipment for Rectory Park residents and the wider community. We hope the defibrillator won’t need to be used too often but it offers reassurance to residents that it’s available in an emergency. A big thank you to AJS for installing the equipment for us.

Jamie Ratcliff, Network Homes Executive Director of People, Partnerships, Sustainability and Technology

Jane Dirrane, Head of Business Strategy at AJS said: "Working in partnership with Network Homes, when asked if we could assist in getting a defibrillator installed outside a local Community Centre, we were only too happy to help! We arranged for an engineer to attend the site and install the device.  AJS are committed to helping the communities in which we work, and this opportunity was a perfect example of how community services can change the lives of local communities.  AJS were delighted to have participated in this project and we look forward to working with Network Homes on future projects. 

How to use the defibrillator

The British Heart Foundation advises that if you see someone having a cardiac arrest, call 999, start CPR and get someone to find a defibrillator. If you're on your own, don't interrupt CPR to go and find a defibrillator.

Anyone can use a defibrillator and you don’t need training. Once you turn it on by just opening it, it will give clear verbal instructions on what to do. The device checks the heart rhythm and will only tell you to shock if it’s needed. You can't shock someone accidentally.

In any emergency, always call 999 and, if appropriate, they can direct you to the nearest defibrillator with the code to unlock it.

Gule with defibrillator

Rectory Park resident Gule Hanid with the newly installed defibrillator

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