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Becoming a Sustainability Ambassador

18 June 2021

Following the launch of our Sustainability Strategy, which sets out our approach to a more sustainable future and the steps we want to take to get there, we’re now looking for residents to get involved and work with us to make your area more environmentally sustainable by becoming a sustainability ambassador. You can join at any time but the sooner you sign up the quicker we can get started on making improvements to your neighbourhood.

If you’re proud of your community and have some ideas to make it more environmentally sustainable, then the Sustainability Ambassador role could be for you. You’ll be our key contact in the community – working with us to suggest changes and spotting areas of improvement. This is your opportunity to share your local knowledge with us, support the environment and make a real difference in your area.

What would I do?

The sustainability ambassador role is the latest addition to the range of engagement activities you can get involved in. As a Sustainability Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside the Resident Engagement Team, helping to pick out any improvements that need to be made to make your area more environmentally sustainable. You’ll also work with your neighbours to develop projects and activities that benefit the environment and the people living in your community. You might work as part of a team of ambassadors where you live. And you can represent a block of flats, a street or even a whole estate – it’s up to you.

Is it for me?

We’ll give you all the training and support you need. In return, we ask that you stay in post for at least a year. Our Sustainability Ambassadors need to be enthusiastic and able to talk to residents about the issues affecting them. You’ll then work with us to come up with solutions.

What impact will I make?

We are living in a climate crisis. Working together with us, Sustainability Ambassadors can have a dramatic impact. The small changes we make today will change how we live tomorrow.

Becoming a Sustainability Ambassador

If this sounds just right for you or if you'd like more information, visit our sustainability ambassador page on our website where you can find the role profile or email the Resident Engagement Team at get-involved@networkhomes.org.uk.

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