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Virtual Resident Engagement Pop Up Engagement - Feedback

19 June 2020

We’d like to thank residents who joined us in our first virtual event on Thursday 18 June 2020.

If you missed it, we’ve uploaded the recording on to YouTube and our website Virtual Resident Pop Up Engagement Event Recording

We’ve discussed some immediate areas of learning, but would also like your feedback on the Event Survey too.

We’d like to explore the ways of delivering virtual events externally, so this is a learning experience for us all.

  • To give opportunities to ask questions and hear from a variety of colleagues
  • To learn some of the common themes of discussion and have more general conversations
  • To pilot a virtual resident event
  • To provide colleagues with further opportunity to hear residents’ concerns

We have run several live events internally for staff and were confident the Teams platform would work well, however we faced the below barriers.

1. We experienced issues with attendees’ connection to event the being terminated periodically. This is not an issue we have encountered before.

  • Action: We are investigating with Microsoft and our IT team.

2. We had several colleagues and a London Resident Panel Member waiting ‘backstage’ to respond to questions however the platform had reached maximum capacity preventing us ‘going live’ on time.

  • Action: We asked some colleagues to leave ‘backstage’ and commenced introductions and responses to Slido questions while enabling colleagues working in commonly discussed areas to be present.

3. Many comments and questions on Sli.do and in the live Q&A within Teams, either contained residents’ personal information, were specific queries relating to residents’ homes or were abusive.

  • Action - We investigated queries to be able to respond on Sli.do beforehand.
  • Action - We replied to general submitted Sli.do topics within the introductions.
  • Action - Our moderators were responding to residents privately in the Q&A to be able to investigate offline and take more details giving more opportunity to publish resident queries for attendees to see commonly discussed concerns.

4. Many comments posted anonymously prevented us providing specific responses for residents.

  • Action: Our moderators requested more information privately and an overall response was given by colleagues to discuss topics commonly raised during the Q&A.

5. Residents dialling into the meeting using a mobile phone were being directed ‘backstage’ adding to the maximum capacity of live presenters.

  • Action: We are investigating a ways for residents to call in for audio only, as an attendee. We can confirm your phone numbers were not visible publicly.

• We’re emailing people who shared their details for feedback on the event

• We’ve included the survey for feedback in this article

• We’ve shared the recording on various viewing platforms

• We’re investigating the technical issues

• We’re co-ordinating responses to specific queries and will contact residents directly

• We will evaluate feedback from you, event hosts and staff attendees to learn and adapt the event

Our goals
Our challenges
What next?

Keep an eye out on our website for more info about further virtual engagement events coming soon!

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