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Mayor of Brent joins Bhuliben’s 100th birthday celebrations!

16 June 2022

A party was held at our Neasden Older Person scheme last week to celebrate Mrs Bhuliben Patel’s 100th birthday. Mrs Patel moved into Arran Court on 16 June 1994 and has lived there ever since- for 28 years!

The party was organised by her family and the local church group and family, friends, neighbours and the Mayor of Brent came along to celebrate. The Mayor of Brent gave a speech about Mrs Patel and her reaching this milestone age.

Her children (four daughters and one son) say that they are very fortunate for their mother to have lived to this age. Longevity runs in the family, with Mrs Patel’s brother living to 101 years old. Mrs Patel has said that she is very lucky to have lived to this age, despite drinking three to four cans of coca cola (not the sugar free coke) on a daily basis!

Mayor of Brent with Mrs Patel  Mayor of Brent with Mrs Patel

Mrs Patel's 100th birthday celebrations

Mrs Patel's birthday celebrations

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