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Hertford and out of London virtual surgeries – How did it go?

28 April 2021

We know it’s been a tough year with the COVID-19 pandemic having a big impact on us all. We’ve continued to provide our services throughout multiple national lockdowns and although we’ve been unable to see you face to face our Resident Engagement team has been working hard to organise virtual events to help support residents with queries about your home or tenancy.

As part of this in February and March, we organised virtual drop-in surgeries for residents in Hertford and out of London to help answer any questions regarding your home and tenancy.

We offered 20-minute appointments for residents who wish to speak to staff from a variety of different teams including:

  • Repairs
  • Neighbourhood Management
  • Housing Management (OPS)
  • Leasehold and Service Charge
  • Welfare Services
  • Resident Engagement

The teams were on hand to help answer any residents’ questions regarding their home and tenancy.

How did it work?

  • Residents were asked to fill in a registration form that included information on the query and when and how they wished to be contacted. This could be via Microsoft Teams, text message, telephone, or email.
  • Residents included details of what they wished to discuss so we could look into queries beforehand and provide any necessary updates.
  • The main purpose was to show you we’re solution-focused and progress matters to us.

How did it go?

  • A total of 73 appointments were requested by residents
  • We asked residents who attended the sessions for feedback and to rate their experience out of 5. We averaged 4.3 out of 5 which was excellent!

We also asked attendees what well and what their highlights were. Below is some of the feedback!

Feedback from residents including a collection of words

Good news story!

A huge win for the Welfare Services Team and Welfare Benefits Advisor Lauren Tye who completed an appointment with a resident. The referral showed she was entitled to £67.30 extra income per week and got a backdate of £11,185!

Events Schedule!

Make sure you check out our finalised Resident Engagement events schedule for 2021! This year we’d love to do a blend of online events and face-to-face events. But any face-to-face events will depend on government COVID-19 guidelines.

Check out our 2021 events schedule here!

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