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Growing local communities

26 May 2022

Helping residents to fill their planters

Since residents moved into The Ridgeway development in Sele Farm 4 years ago, we’ve continued to look at ways we can enhance the area to maintain the community feel and vibrant atmosphere. At the end of April, we teamed up with Groundworks to provide residents in the rented flats with stylish, modern planters for them to grow herbs, plants or flowers of their choice.

The main aim of initiative is to support residents to consider and sustain healthy eating and nutrition. Colleagues from our neighbourhood teams spent the day visiting residents, helping them to take the planters to their home and providing advice on how to grow the plants.

We we’re able to deliver this initiative with support through grants from East Herts council. It’s also a continuation of our previous activity where we provided wooden planters to residents living in the houses on the scheme.

In addition, on the day we spoke to residents and got their feedback on plans for a play area to include an exciting amphitheatre, which is an open-air venue. All the residents we spoke to provided positive feedback on the plans and welcomed their implementation.

We also discussed ways we could improve the underpass in the area which was renowned for anti-social activities.  We received positive feedback from residents about this and while opinions were divided on closing the underpass, all were supportive of proposing a mural painting and improving the lighting in the area to Highways.

Deborah Blyth, Neighbourhood Team Leader, said: ‘It was with great pleasure that we were able to provide all residents in the flats with a planter already kitted out with herbs to grow on their balconies. We’re aware that residents in flats do not have the outdoor space for gardening but having a planter gives them to opportunity to grow something of their own. Everyone who took park in the initiative had a fantastic day and look forward to doing more that supports our residents and brightens up our communities.’

What’s next for The Ridgeway

Our Neighbourhood Team is excited to continue the amazing work to improve our communities. Our next initiatives will be focused on improving the play areas and providing a safer, prettier underpass for residents to enjoy.

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