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WATCH: Lessons Learned session on Contract Management

01 March 2022

Network Homes' latest virtual Lessons Learned session took place on Friday 25 February from 11am to 12pm and it focused on the topic of contract management.

In our Lessons Learned series, we spotlight and discuss a specific service, process or area of the organisation. As part of our commitment to transparency, in these discussions we share what we've been working on, the challenges we face and the key lessons we've learned about the session's topic.

This session was hosted by our Asset Management team who are responsible for managing the delivery of servicing, repairs and renewal works for our homes. We employ a series of specialist contractors to deliver these services to residents and we have a dedicated contract management teams for the various contracts. Patrick Flynn, our Director of Compliance and M&E (Mechanical and Electrical), is responsible for a proportion of these contracts so he led this session and discussed:

  • What his team does
  • How they put together new contracts and appoint contractors
  • Our approach to contractor management
  • Challenges we face
  • How feedback has been incorporated to make positive changes to our services
  • Resident involvement opportunities

Missed the event?

You can view the recording of the session below or by clicking here, or you can download the presentation slides here.

Lessons learned sessions

Our Lessons Learned series involves a presentation followed by an open discussion with participants on experiences or work that our teams have worked on that could offer lessons to the wider organisation.

We’ve recorded previous sessions on the following topics:

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  • Anti social behaviour
  • PSL Homes Transfer
  • Complaints
  • Fire Safety

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