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I got involved and you should too!

15 April 2021

My name is Natalie and I am a mum to two grown up children, both of whom are LGBTQ+. I’ve also been a resident of Network Homes, living in Ware, for over 20 years. LGBTQ+ issues are something my family and I have had first-hand knowledge of and have been involved with for many years.

In March, Network Homes’ LGBTQ Staff Group held a resident mixer event for residents interested in joining a potential resident LGBT group. The mixer was for us to find out what Network is currently doing and what we think the purpose of the resident LGBT group should be.  

I decided to get involved because I believe it is important to make a stand for the LGBTQ+ community and make sure all voices are not only heard but understood.

It was very useful to hear the views of the other residents who did get involved at the online mixer but it was also disappointing that so few residents were present.

We are looking at ways in which Network can continue to develop their operation to ensure that all residents are supported and treated with respect regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

To really make a difference, it is important that as many residents as possible get involved and make our views known, so please email get.Involved@networkhomes.org.uk to register your interest!  



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