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Our sustainability pilot project with climate tech experts Tallarna

23 February 2022

As you may have seen, last year we updated our sustainability strategy and this was an opportunity to include more recommendations and ideas to work towards compliance with the sustainability standard. As early adopters of the standard, we know taking action today to better our tomorrow is not something we can do single-handedly. We rely on recommendations and ideas from residents and industry experts to:

  • Reduce our carbon emissions
  • Improve the energy efficiency of our homes
  • Make cheaper energy available to residents
  • Learn and share tips for sustainability
  • Source funding for improving environmental sustainability
  • Shape future projects

One of our current sustainability projects is with industry expert and climate tech company, Tallarna (previously known as Pivot Energy Services).

What does our project with Tallarna look like?

Network Homes have teamed up with Tallarna on a pilot energy efficiency project to review and survey 100 homes in Hertford identified as having low energy performance.

The pilot project involves collecting residents’ utility bills (which will be anonymised) to understand how much energy they are using, surveying properties to assess their general condition, and finally, helping residents sign up to a cheaper energy supplier if available.

Together with Tallarna, we are exploring the measures which can provide the greatest energy, carbon, and utility bill savings. For example, energy efficiency measures such as autonomous meters can monitor energy efficiency to ensure predicted savings are achieved and maintained. In turn, this could allow us to automatically pick up on wear and tear, technology defects, and underperformance, enabling fast repairs.

Tallarna’s CEO, Tim Meanock, shared his insights on the project:

Tim Tallarna

Making homes more comfortable, reducing energy bills, and lowering carbon emissions is at the heart of our project with Network Homes. The latest cold snap has shown how important affordable warmth is to residents’ wellbeing. And achieving this goes hand in hand with improving buildings’ energy efficiency.

Tim Meanock, CEO at Tallarna

We will be sharing more details on this project, its findings, and our next steps later in the year when the pilot is complete, and when we have received enough information for assessment.

Tim Meanock has also written a blog explaining everything you need to know about energy efficiency in your home.

Find out more about energy efficiency in your home here

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