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BLOG: SNG mental health support brings much-needed hope for Hertford customer

13 June 2024

Mental health is a crucial aspect of our overall well-being and can greatly impact our daily lives. Many individuals struggle with mental health issues and unfortunately lots of those individuals often feel alone and misunderstood. Our mental health liaison service exists to help customers in this situation - we work with customers who are experiencing mental health issues and are at risk of losing their tenancies. We work to increase independence, maintain tenancies and support customers in their recovery. In this blog, our Mental Health Liaison Officer Sandra Stride shares a heartwarming journey of a customer who deals with mental health challenges and finds hope and happiness through her team's ongoing support.

By Sandra Stride, Mental Health Liaison Officer

CONTENT WARNING: discussion of self-harm and mental ill health

This Hertford customer had been struggling with mental health issues for some time. Her condition had considerably gone downhill, causing her to self-harm when the medication she had been prescribed by the GP was not helping. In fact, the increased dosage had caused serious side effects. The GP surgery then wrote to this customer and advised they would be discharging her as she was now living out of the area. She was desperate to move back to this area to be near her mother who is a key support system for her. The situation was becoming increasingly dire, and it was evident she needed more support.

Recognising the need to be closer to her mother, who is her main source of support, she applied to do a mutual home swap with another social housing tenant. Unfortunately, the initial request was declined due to tenancy issues with the person she wanted to swap with. This left her feeling even more isolated, despondent and her mental health hit an all-time low. This was also having a huge impact on the customer’s mother, who felt helpless with serious concerns for her daughter’s mental health.

They were not alone and we recognised the critical need for a supportive environment, so my team and I encouraged the customer to appeal the decision. With her mother by her side to support, she gathered strength to challenge the initial ruling. Their efforts paid off and the appeal was upheld so she was granted the home swap. Moving closer to her mother meant that she could now receive the daily support she desperately needed. The joy and relief were palpable, knowing she would be in a place where she could start to heal.

This resident is now being supported by the community mental health team, and with her mother nearby to support, her overall wellbeing is significantly improving. She has been taking her medication regularly and is keeping in touch and engaged with our mental health liaison service at SNG.

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This story is a testament to the power of support and the importance of community in mental health recovery. This customer’s journey from despair to hope is a reminder that with the right help and encouragement, a happy ending is always possible.

Sandra Stride, Mental Health Liaison Officer

How to contact our Mental Health Liaison service

If you’re an SNG customer who is experiencing mental health challenges which make it difficult to manage your tenancy, or if you are concerned about a neighbour’s mental health, please get in touch by emailing mentalhealth@networkhomes.org.uk or by calling our contact centre on 0300 373 3000 and asking to speak to the Mental Health Liaison team.

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