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Network Homes’ statement on the fire at the Crawford Building in Whitechapel

08 March 2022

Following the fire at the Crawford Building in Whitechapel please check out our statement below.

"We are thankful that everyone is safe following the fire on the 17th floor of the Crawford Building in Whitechapel, on Monday.

The fire that took place yesterday did not affect any of our residents’ flats directly although three have had some water damage to their homes. All other residents were able to return to their homes last night. Our team were onsite during the incident and into Monday evening, and have been onsite today meeting residents to offer further support. We are also writing to all residents with an update today and will continue to offer support where needed.

Network Homes is not the freeholder of this building. We are the head lessee of 70 flats across floors 7-11 which are a mix of tenanted, shared ownership and leasehold homes. Responsibility for the building and balconies is with the freeholder. The building has a stay put policy and like all other residential buildings with a stay put policy, under current fire regulations it does not have a fire alarm.

We have been and remain in active discussion with the freeholder’s managing agents about fire safety measures including removal and replacement of timber balcony decking."

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