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We secure record Unlawful Profit Order of £136,000 against London tenancy fraudster

13 February 2024

We've been awarded £136,000 plus costs by securing an Unlawful Profit Order against a London tenant found to be subletting a social home for a number of years. It means a that a social home will be offered to a family in genuine need of housing.

The award is a record for SNG's London and Herts team with the previous Unlawful Profit Order of £55,000 being awarded in 2023. It follows an investigation following a referral which revealed that the tenant had been subletting a three-bedroom home whilst living in Manchester and Wales whilst also spending long periods of time abroad.

An SNG Neighbourhood Officer visited the tenant’s property and found three who confirmed that they had been renting the home and that the actual tenant did not live there. The occupants were able to provide proof of rent payments being made and the colleague also noted locks on internal doors. The same was noted by a heating contractor that had attended the property. The tenant already had a gas injunction against them for non-access and making a fraudulent disrepair claim.

Unlawful Profit Orders require the offender to pay the landlord an amount that represents the profit they made from illegally subletting. Whilst the Unlawful Profit Order has been made by the Court, SNG’s Debt Recovery Team will now seek to enforce the order by identifying any property/assets held by the tenant.

Report tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud covers unlawfully subletting of social housing properties, making a false statement to obtain a home, abandonment or fraudulently submitting a Right to Buy/Right to Acquire application.

Successful outcomes in tenancy fraud cases rely heavily on the support we receive from residents and members of the public. You can report tenancy fraud in confidence by calling 0208 459 9463 or emailing Any information you give us will be treated in the strictest of confidence and your identity will be protected.

You can report the suspected fraud anonymously but please give us as much information as possible to help our investigations. The more information that we have the better the chance we have of stopping it.

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