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Improving the performance of our lifts

19 December 2017

We’ve recently completed a big project which will help us to improve the performance of the lifts in our properties.

We’ve fitted remote monitoring devices to all our 300 plus lifts across our developments. This new system sends us real time info about the lifts allowing us to monitor their status 24/7. So if there’s a fault, it will alert us immediately and we can quickly send out a repairs contractor, helping us to improve our response times.

It also allows us to get ahead of the game when it comes to repairs, meaning we can spot issues before they become faults. And we can keep an eye on the progress of all lifts currently being worked on by contractors.

There are other benefits too. Greater visibility of the status of our lifts will help us to reduce costs of their upkeep and prologue the lifespan. It will also help us to schedule in more effective maintenance programmes, maximising the time your lift is in operation.  


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