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Rectory Park goes green

17 September 2020

With the recent completion of final landscape areas, residents of the 449 homes in the regenerated Rectory Park estate finally have full and open access to the adjoining countryside park.

Through close collaboration with Ealing Parks during the regeneration, residents and other park residents can now enjoy a large lake dug by our contractor, Hills. The earth from digging the lake was also used to sculpture the landscape into banks that have been planted with wildflowers. We organised volunteer days last winter where Network Homes staff and residents planted thousands of bulbs and several hundred trees and shrubs. The planted trees and bulbs now cover the area of a football pitch and include a new community orchard.

This summer, the central park area of Rectory opened an adult gym which is already being well used. By agreement with Ealing Parks, the gym was installed within the park and not on Network Homes land which means it is open for the public to use too, not just residents. The location of the gym also means it is further away from resident’s windows so won’t obstruct their view. This helps our landscape to connect with the park and by considered design, residents are drawn out to enjoy the open space.

There are still more improvements we’ll be making to the area in collaboration with Ealing Parks. We’ll be installing a commemorative bench by the lake, upgrading the paths connecting the estate and the park, and thinning and trimming the hedging to improve security and resident’s views of the park. Look out for further updates about the changes to Rectory Park neighbourhood.

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