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Our updated anti-social behaviour (ASB) policy

07 January 2021

In 2020, we reviewed our anti-social behaviour (ASB) policy to ensure it explained what is and what is not ASB, and how we manage it. We asked residents for their feedback on the draft policy which we’ve used to produce the final version. Thank you to everyone who took part. we've now published the new policy for you to read.

Read the updated ASB policy

What did we do?

We involved residents in the review and took on board your concerns and ideas about the draft policy. We:

  • Held a resident meeting to find out from you what we could do better
  • Sent a text message to residents asking for feedback on the policy.

We received 151 responses from residents about the draft policy. Thank you for your comments and feedback which we’ve used to update our ASB Policy.

Key changes

We’ve listed a few of the changes we made to the policy based on what you told us. It includes the most common types of feedback we received from you and how we used it.

You said What we did
 The noise from your neighbours wooden flooring can be quite intrusive. We agree. Residents are not supposed to fit wooden flooring which we explain to all residents when they sign their tenancy with us. We are going to improve advice within our ASB Toolkit about this. You can view the toolkit on our website at www.networkhomes.org.uk/asbtoolkit

Our Neighbourhood Teams will include advice about wooden floors. Where we find they have been fitted, we will recommend using rugs and carpet to reduce the noise.  
It is difficult to report ASB to us.  We amended our policy so it clearly explains the different ways you can report ASB to us. Please see section 6 of our policy.  
You wanted us to explain clearly what is and what is not ASB.  We made this clearer in the policy. Please see sections 4 and 5 of the policy. 
You wanted us to be clear on how we will manage serious ASB.  We amended the policy to explain it better. Please see section 6.3 of the policy 
You wanted the policy to explain when a resident should speak with their neighbour about the ASB incident.  We’ve added this to the policy. Please see section 5 of the policy. 
You wanted us to make the policy clear on how we would manage animal nuisance behaviour.  This is included in our tenancy agreements. 
You wanted us to make it clear what action we might take when (on the rare occasion) we receive repeated and unfounded ASB complaints from a resident.  We amended the policy so it’s clearer about what action we might take in this situation. Please see section 7.6 the policy. 
You wanted the policy to cover what would happen if ASB was caused by an owner occupier.  We’ve added this to the policy. Please see section 1.2 of the policy. 
You wanted to receive regular progress updates on our ASB report.  When we receive your report, we will complete an action plan with you detailing what’s happened, how we can help and how often we will update you. Please read section 6 of the policy. 
You wanted us to explain how the use of drugs is managed. Our policy states that drug use is a criminal matter, it is illegal. Please see section 4.2 of our policy and the drug use and dealing section of our ASB Toolkit at www.networkhomes.org.uk/asbtoolkit
You wanted us to explain how we manage hate crime. This is included in section 12 of the policy.


Read the updated ASB policy

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