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Tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB)

22 September 2020

We’re committed to investigating and resolving anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues affecting residents and the communities we work in. However, due to coronavirus (covid-19) restrictions, we've had to make temporary changes to the way we deliver our service. We’re not able to visit people and neighbourhoods in person as easily as before but we have made some adjustments so our Neighbourhood team can continue to offer a service.

The changes we’ve made to respond to ASB include:

  • Introducing home visits where there is an identified need – A member of our team will visit you following appropriate safety protection and will confirm you are well. We’ll continue to conduct as much of our investigation by phone as possible. If you have access to WhatsApp then talk to us about contacting you through that channel.
  • Using mediation service Crime Concern – We’ll continue to offer a mediation service provided by Crime Concern, but this will now be conducted using telephone or video conferencing.
  • What is anti-social behaviour toolkit - We have just launched our new Anti-social behaviour Toolkit which gives you an idea of what ASB is, what actions you can take to address it and what we can help you with. Check out the toolkit here.

These changes could mean it takes us slightly longer to investigate and resolve ASB cases. The introduction of the Coronavirus Act 2020 means we will also encounter delays in progressing legal action, particularly because:

  • The four-week legal notice period has been extended to three months
  • Possession cases are being stayed for a 90-day period.

If you’re experiencing ASB please check out our ASB toolkit for further information so you know what to do regarding the issue you have.

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