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Changes to nominations for London tenancies

13 December 2021

We will be changing our rehousing offer for tenants in London to match the process we use for tenancy nominations in Hertford. From 4 April 2022, we will give the local councils nomination rights for most of our empty homes rather than keeping them to allocate to residents on our transfer lists.

Why are we doing this?

We have over 1,788 people on our internal housing transfer list. 236 of these residents were added in the last 12 months mainly due to over-crowding.  Many residents have been on the list for several years and face the prospect of waiting more years which prompted us to think of a better solution to how we manage our transfers.

We recognise our internal transfer list is unmanageable and gives you false expectations which may leave you feeling disappointed. In the last six months, we have only completed 21 transfers. This means we’ve only been able to offer a new home to 1.2% of the residents on our internal transfer list. This is a clear indication that our internal transfer system is not working for you or for us.

We also know there is a housing crisis across the UK, and this is worse in London with many people waiting several years for the opportunity of a home which meets their family’s needs. To address this, we are planning to offer as many homes as we can to the local councils. Once a council advertises a home, it is open for applicants to bid for that home. Once the bidding cycle closes, the council determines who is in the greatest need of the home. This is a fair and transparent way of allocating our homes.

The changes we plan to make to the allocation of our empty homes in London will mean that you will have to join your local council's housing list and bid for a new home rather than join our internal transfer list.

If you are on our transfer list, we will contact you in January 2022 to update you about our plans. We will also contact the local authorities, councillors, and MPs.

Rehousing options available to you other than our transfer list

Ensure you register with the local authority that you want to move to so that you are added to their housing list.

  • Housing Moves - a housing mobility scheme, introduced for social tenants by giving them opportunities to move across boroughs.  It is a choice base lettings scheme where applicants can bid for available properties in other boroughs.  Full details of how to apply can be found on their website, www.housingmoves.org.
  • Homeswapper - a Mutual Exchange Scheme where social tenants advertise their properties with the view to carrying out a mutual swap with other tenants. You can join this scheme by registering your details on www.homeswapper.co.uk.
  • HomefinderUK - mainly provide larger homes outside of London. Details on how to register are on their website at www.homefinderuk.org.
  • Shared ownership schemes - a cross between buying and renting, and aimed mainly at first-time buyers. You own a share and then rent the part you don't own at a reduced rate. Please visit the website at www.sharetobuy.com  for further information.
  • London Living Rent - As part of the London Living Rent scheme from the Mayor of London, Network Homes offers homes for private rent for middle income earners on assured shorthold tenancies of up to three years. You have the option to buy your home on a shared ownership basis up to five years after the launch of each scheme. You can register on www.networkhomes.org.uk or call 020 3667 1516.
  • Renting from the private sector - there are twice as many privately rented homes than council or housing association homes, so becoming a tenant of a private landlord and settling into a new home happens much more quickly. If you are thinking of this option, please seek legal advice from your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau.


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