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Introducing our brand new digital assistant for customers – try it out today!

23 November 2023

Today, we launch our digital assistant for customers which gives you another convenient way to raise or get an update on repairs, check your account balance, or make a payment. The digital assistant comes in the form of a chatbot which you can find on our website and your My Network Homes online account.

The great thing about the digital assistant is that it’s available at any time of the day, seven days a week. It’s there for when you need it and saves you waiting in the line on the phone. And, as it’s a chatbot, it means that during office hours, you’ll be able to chat with a customer service advisor if the digital assistant is unable to help.

We’re always looking at ways we can improve our services and this digital assistant provides you with greater choice for how you can access our services. It opens our online offer to you, giving you more options in addition to using our online website forms, using your My Network Homes account (if you have one) or emailing us.

How to use the digital assistant (bot)

If you live in a home that is owned or managed by SNG, you’ll be able to use the digital assistant to raise a repair, check your account balance or make a payment. Simply open the chatbot feature by clicking on the purple ‘Chat with us’ bubble. The digital assistant will welcome you, provide you with our privacy policy to read and then give you a choice of three buttons to select for repairs, making a payment and checking your account balance.

If you use the digital assistant for repairs or to check your account balance, it will ask you a few questions so it can check and find your details on our system. The type of questions to expect include your:

• first name and your last name
• first line of your address
• postcode

The digital assistant may also ask additional questions to ensure it has the correct details. These additional questions may include:

• start date of your tenancy agreement or lease with us
• balance on your account on 1 April
• last payment made on your account.

We’ll be adding more features to the chatbot soon to bring out the ‘chat’ side to it, which will allow you to ask the digital assistant questions and get an instant, automated response related to your query. Until then, the digital assistant will help you with your enquiry by giving you options to select so it can support you as quickly as it can. During set times, currently Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm, if it’s unable to answer your query or help you to complete your service request, it will give you the option to chat online to one of our customer service advisors.

So, have a go of our digital assistant the next time you want to raise a repair, check your account balance or make a payment. It’s quick, convenient and is available for you to use any time of the day.

Let us know your thoughts

Your feedback is extremely important to us and will help us to identify if and what improvements we may need to make. After you've tried out the digital assistant, please take a moment to complete our short survey.

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