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Join our resident Readers Group

04 March 2022

Every year we send a variety of communication to residents such as letters, emails, leaflets and newsletters. We want to make sure the information we give to residents is clear and easy to understand. You could help us do that by joining the resident's Readers Group. The most recent communication that the group reviewed was the information provided about annual rent and service charges, but we have a lot of templates we’d like to improve and make more accessible to a wide range of residents over the next year. 

If you want to work with us to improve our communication with residents and you enjoy checking detail, then our Readers Group is a great way to get involved. It’s a flexible role but we ask you to do at least two tasks a year, with each one taking no more than two hours.

We aim to give Readers Group Members at least three weeks’ notice for a review. On occasion, we ask for resident feedback on a high profile document in a short timeframe so will always be understanding if members are unable to take part.  

Involved residents will be rewarded with Love2Shop vouchers for completing a review, in line with our recognition and resident expenses policies. We also aim to bring involved residents together through social and team building activities throughout each year.  

If you’d like to hear more or become a member of the Readers Group, please get in touch with our Resident Engagement Team by emailing get.involved@networkhomes.org.uk . 

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