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26 March 2019

It can be daunting when you decide to take that first step to learn something new but having the confidence in yourself and the courage to try can be very rewarding. As part of our Worksmart programme, We R Digital recently delivered two computer training courses in London and Hertford for our residents. At the end of the six week programme our residents received laptops, donated by Henrys Construction, to help them continue using the new skills they had learnt. Here’s what two of our residents had to say about their experience.

Sam, 65, said; “I used to use computers at work but I’ve been retired for a year now. It’s very good to come back and learn new ways, as well as some of the old ways, to use them. I understand people who are afraid of using computers, especially in my age group but the trainers are more than helpful and very knowledgeable.

“I enjoyed the course and I’m sorry it’s over. I’d like to see another course run for slightly more advanced students but this one was a joyful experience and I learnt a lot. So to anyone interested in taking part next time, don’t be afraid to attend. Give it your all and you will learn.”

Patricia, 62, said: “I was in two minds about coming on the training course because I’ve always been afraid of computers as I didn’t know what to press and how to operate them. When I saw the invitation I thought this might be an opportunity just for me to have that little opening session into the life with a computer.

“On the first day, I was a bit nervous but luckily William [the trainer] made me feel at home and instantly relaxed. I’m not great at it yet, but it’s definitely opened my eyes and given me a bit of confidence to go further and learn more. And it’s great to have the laptop at home now so every day I can practice a little bit of what I’ve learnt.”

If you’re looking to take your profession to the next level or you think you could benefit from some training, then our Worksmart programme can help you.  We’ll help you to find new employment or gain new skills.  We partner with various companies and our contractors to bring you free support. For more information call us on 0300 373 3000 or email


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