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Opening the doors for our young residents with Slenky

12 December 2019

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now using Slenky, an online platform for young people between 13 to 23 years old to access training, careers and networking opportunities we have available for them. We’ll be using the platform to list all our opportunities at Network Homes and with our contractors which are exclusively available just for our young residents.

As an organisation, we aim to develop possibilities for people, and while our main way of doing this is by providing quality housing, we don’t limit ourselves to just that. Employment and training are areas we’ve identified where we can support residents in a way that can genuinely improve their lives. So far, we’ve established our Building Futures Grant and provided training courses, work placements and employment opportunities.

How to find Network Homes opportunities on Slenky?

Opportunities on Slenky are known as ‘shots’.  All shots are listed on the shots page and can be filtered using the search and filter functions. You can filter by areas of interest, like Media and Technology or Entrepreneurship to find the exact type of opportunities you’re interested in. To find our ‘shots’ just filter for opportunities in housing and you’ll see a listing for our page.

The “Hub” feature allows us to have our shots displayed alongside others in a shared area, for example opportunities within Brent or Camden. With organisations like the BBC, Google and Sky also using Slenky, we find ourselves in impressive company on the site.

For anyone between the ages of 13 and 24, accessing the opportunities we post on Slenky represents a chance to make the absolute most of being a Network Homes resident, by taking on challenges that aren’t available to anyone else. Visit the Network Homes Slenky page today to see the opportunities we have available!

For any questions, email us get-involved@networkhomes.org.uk.





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