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There will be occasions when we will need to get your consent to process and use your information and data.  In these circumstances, it’s your decision if you want to give us your consent for us to do this.  You can also choose specifically what you agree to us using your data for and how long you give us your permission to use it. 

Consent is your free and informed decision to agree to the processing of your personal data for a specific purpose. 

SNG collects consent for:

  • Representative consent - this is when you allow another person to speak or act on your behalf in certain matter, this also includes permitting Network Homes authority to speak with third parties where consent is needed. You can complete a 'Representative Consent Form' located on our Useful Form page. 
  • Photos - we will collect your consent from affirmative action for large events and written consent for smaller events. Where consent is obtained via affirmative action, there will be disclaimers at those events advising what photos you pose in will be used for and directions on how to not participate in any photos. 
  • Remaining on housing waiting lists for intermediate rents properties - this is a closed process with an existing waiting list. Therefore no consent from new applicants will be obtained for this.

How does SNG manage consent?

We will keep a record of when we require consent to process your data. This is managed by the Data Protection team except for photo consent, which is managed by the Marketing and Communications team. You can withdraw consent at any time. If you would like to withdraw consent, please drop us an email at privacy@networkhomes.org.uk.

Photos – sometimes we're not able to identify you in our photographs and will need you to let us know who you are by either sending us a photograph of yourself or giving us a description of yourself in a specific photograph we have published of you. Once we are certain we have identified you correctly, we'll be able to honour your request to no longer use your photo. If you are identifying yourself with a photo, please send your photo to Marketing and Communications team, The Hive, 22 Wembley Park Boulevard, Wembley, HA9 0HP.  We will delete your photo when we have identified you in our pictures.

If you have any questions on how we process your data you can view our privacy statement or alternatively you can contact our Data Protection Officer at DPO@networkhomes.org.uk.




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