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Ways you can make a little extra

We want you to make the most out of your income. Here's some useful tips on how you might make a little extra this month. 

  • Explore new employment opportunities or upskill yourself - If you've been out of work for a while or feel stuck on how to make the next move in your career, we're here to help. We offer a personalised service of guidance, support and practical help to any customer looking to access training or work and support our residents to achieve their goals. We also work with our contractors and the relevant local authorities to provide local people with opportunities to improve their construction skills and enhance their future employment prospects. Click here to visit our Employment advice and support page.

Employment advice and support

  • Get paid to take part in a focus group - You can take part in market research and be invited to give your view on new products and advertising campaigns while also getting paid. Takepartinresearch and Focus4people show opportunities for this type of work.
  • Talk to our Welfare team - If you're struggling, we have a Welfare & Benefit Advice team who can work with you to support you getting all the benefits you may be entitled to - they've helped to secure millions of pounds in previously unclaimed benefits for our residents. Please get in touch to speak to the team.
  • Check you are getting the right benefits - you can also use our benefits calculator to help you. 

Benefits calculator

  • Sell your unwanted items - sites and apps like Ebay, Vinted and Facebook Marketplace can help you to sell your unwanted things. Why not ask family or friends if they've got anything they don't want?
  • Sell your old electronics - unwanted CDs or electronics could be sold through websites like Music Magpie.
  • Sell your old books - you can sell books on We Buy Books or Ziffit.  
  • Downsizing- If you have an extra room, you could downsize and you may be eligible for additional payments. This could include £1,000 for downsizing, plus coverage of removal costs, new carpets and curtains.

    Find out about downsizing
  • Get a lodger - check your tenancy agreement, or contact us to see if you could get a lodger.
  • Is your bank the best for you? - There may be a bank which could provide a better return for your savings. Check out Money Saving Expert to compare what the major banks offer.
Employment opportunities
Checking your entitlement
Get rid of your unwanted things
Make the most our of your property
Be smart about your banking

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