Our story

Network Homes has a proud history. We started life in February 1974, as Brent People’s Housing Association (BPHA), acquiring our first home for rent in Willesden. We developed our first home for sale in 1982 and grew rapidly in the 1990s and 2000s, taking transfers of council homes and smaller housing associations, eventually becoming the Network Housing Group in 2003.

In April 2016 we restructured our business, bringing all of our operations under one organisation – Network Homes. We now operate across the whole housing market, providing homes to people from all walks of life.

Key dates 

  • 1974: BPHA formed and acquires first home in Willesden
  • 1976: First major estate acquired – Roundwood Estate in Brent
  • 1978: First sheltered homes built in Harlesden
  • 1982: First shared ownership home sold
  • 1988: BPHA becomes Network Housing Association
  • 1992: Solon Co-operative Housing Services joins Network HA
  • 1995: Network forms Riversmead HA to manage nearly 4,000 homes for East Herts Council
  • 1998: Mitali HA joins Network HA
  • 1998: First key worker homes for NHS provided at Northwick Park through our new specialist subsidiary, London Strategic Housing
  • 2000: Brent Council transfers its sheltered housing and resident care homes to specialist Network subsidiary, Willow HA
  • 2002: East Herts Council transfers around 4,000 homes to Riversmead HA following a successful tenant vote
  • 2003: Network Housing Group structure created
  • 2004: First student homes
  • 2007: Lambeth Council transfers over 1,400 homes at Stockwell Park to new Network subsidiary, Community Trust Housing, to facilitate estate regeneration following a successful tenant vote
  • 2011: Network Housing Group begins to simplify its structure – Mitali leaves in 2012 and Solon is disbanded in 2013
  • 2013: Named as ‘Development Team of the Year’ after starting more than 1,000 homes in a year for first time • 2014: First homes for outright market sale
  • 2014: Network wins six major national development awards for the quality of its new homes
  • 2015: Network signs an exclusive two-year deal to provide homes for market rent with prestigious developer, Stanhope Developments • 2016: Network amalgamates its operations to become a single organisation, Network Homes
  • 2016: Network Homes named as ‘Housing Association of the Year’ at the WhatHouse? Awards and ‘Overall Winner’ at the National Housing Awards
  • 2016: 14 major national awards for the quality of our new homes and for our customer service • 2017: RESI Landlord of the Year (Registered Social) and won first prize at the London Homelessness Awards for Project Vista • 2017: 20 members of staff cycle from London to Paris, raising £66,000 for St Mungo's
  • 2019: CEO Helen Evans becomes Chair of the G15, the group of London’s largest housing associations


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