Sustainability at Network Homes

Peter Benz

We’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint and providing current and future residents with sustainable homes supported by environmentally responsible business practices. Our journey towards net zero carbon is supported by the Network Board, having allocated substantial resources in our business plan to fund the first steps towards improving the sustainability of our stock.

Peter Benz, Executive Director of Finance at Network Homes

As an organisation we know we need take action to mitigate the impact of climate change on our residents, employees and the environment so we've set out a plan for the future.

We have five key aims for us to improve our environmental performance:

  1. Identify how our business activities affect the environment
  2. Establish methods of improving our approach to sustainability
  3. Improve the environmental performance of our existing homes
  4. Outline new technologies, sources of finance and ways of working to reduce our carbon footprint
  5. Engage with residents and staff with regards to green issues

The steps we take now to fight climate change are needed more than ever. We need to act to reduce our environmental footprint and as a social landlord we can help prepare for a low carbon future and lessen fuel poverty.



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