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Our performance

Every month we measure how we're performing against our targets. You can find our performance for the most recent three months below.

We report on performance to our executive team, Board and Customer Service Committee. We also involve residents in scrutinising performance and suggesting improvements, through our Resident Panels

Every year we compare our performance with other similar housing associations, using an independent company to carry out the analysis. You can find the results in our Value for Money Statement. Our performance is also monitored by the Regulator of Social Housing - find out more about our regulation here

Our most recent performance

Here's our results for quarter three, 2020/21 which is January to March 2021: 

Overall satisfaction: 90% Target: 90%
Overall satisfaction with repairs: 82.9%  Target: 85%
Satisfaction with customer service centre: 93.1% Target: 90%
New resident satisfaction with re-lets: 92% Target: 82%

How do we measure satisfaction?

Our method is based on the occasions when residents interact with us. We call these 'transactions'. A transaction might be a call to our contact centre, getting a repair done, or moving into a new home. At the end of a transaction, we will often ask residents to tell us how satisfied they were with how we handled that transaction.                         

Rent collected as % due: 100.7% Target: No official target. We aim to collect as much rent due as we can. 
Current tenant arrears as % of annual rent debit: 4.18%* Target: 4.25% (For our General rented and Older people's homes)
Rent lost due to empty homes as % of rent roll: 1.78%* Target: 0.85%. We aim to minimise our rent loss as much as we can. 

* For our general rent and older people's homes.

Collecting the rent we are owed is an important part of maintaining our financial strength, which allows us to improve our services to residents. These figures show how well we're collecting the rental income.

The last figure shows how much money we lose when properties are empty before a new tenant moves in, when no one is paying rent. Some of this is unavoidable as we make homes ready for the next tenant to move in.   

Percentage of properties with valid gas certificates: 100% Target:  100%

Properties connected to gas services need to be checked and given certificates once a year. We aim to make sure all our properties are checked in time so we know our properties are safe.  

Find out more about our gas safety checks and why it's important for us to access your property here


Our previous performance

Our performance figures

If you have a complaint about our performance or you feel our service has fallen below an acceptable standard, you can register a formal complaint