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The Big Conversation Acknowledgement

Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to tell us what you think in the Big Conversation 2020. And, thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a #residentforchange by letting us know the opportunities you’d consider being involved in.  

Time taken to contact you

The surveys were sent out to all residents over the course of a month. By the time the survey closed on 16 December 2020, we had a staggering number of responses. 200 completed online, and 1000 were returned to us in the post, in addition to more than 2000 responses to the ‘Update my details’ form and we were still receiving responses in January 2021. As a result, it’s taken us some time to digitise the responses, in order to analyse them and come back to you. A detailed analysis of all responses has been carried out to help us adapt our services. The findings have also been shared with the Customer Services Committee; a group of Board Members, Executive Directors and Local Resident Panel Chairs. We’ll be uploading further information about the consultation shortly.

Nearly 500 of you said you’d consider taking part in an opportunity. If you’d like to be involved in a project relatively soon, you can contact me to join our Sprint Group where residents will be reviewing the ‘Contract Management of Day to Day Repairs with Wates’ in March 2021.

Next Steps

As many of you said you were interested in more than one opportunity, we thought it best to: 

  • Let you know we’re aware you have an interest in being involved and our plans to follow up
  • Give you some information about the opportunities available
  • Support your selection of an opportunity to be involved, based on your area of interest and availability  

Take a look at the menu of involvement which explains a bit more about the type of involvement and the range of commitment in each group. We’ve also updated our website with the role profiles for each opportunity, so more information is readily available.   

If you’d like to speak to one of the team about a role, please let us know using our contact form or even tweet us to become a #residentforchange.   

In the next few weeks we’ll be contacting interested residents by email, telephone, text or letter. We’ll then be able to set up inductions and share training resources, so you feel well equipped to be involved. 

Is it for me? 

Our team strives to be as flexible as possible when supporting involved residents, some things that may guide your decisions are: 

  • Our meetings can be during the day and in the evening – we don’t want to inconvenience your working lives or family routines 
  • We can deliver training on a Saturday, if this is more convenient for you 
  • Although each role is voluntary, we have a policy to recognise the involvement of residents at the end of each year 
  • We have a resident expenses policy to ensure your involvement is cost neutral e.g travel expenses, childcare (when permitted to interact face to face) 
  • We provide ongoing training, support and access to resources to enhance transferable skills 
  • Making each opportunity accessible and enjoyable 

How can i withdraw my interest in the Big Conversation updates

We understand circumstances change, so if you change your mind about receiving Big Conversation updates or being involved, simply let us know by email get-involved@networkhomes.org.uk or if you've received a text message reply 'stop big conversation'. 

Stay in the know

You can always find information about what we have going on via the resident news page of our website, follow us on social media, attend online events (the next one is about sustainability on 3rd March at 6.30) or sign up to our e-newsletter.

Many Thanks  

Resident Engagement Team

Safe Space

Together we can end domestic abuse