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Tips for being more sustainable at home

Following the launch of our Sustainability Strategy in 2021, we've been working on getting more residents involved and working with us to make your areas more environmentally sustainable to benefit your neighbours and community. 

In August 2022 we held in-person resident sustainability events at Matthews Close in Wembley and Vantage Point in Hackney. These events focused on biodiversity, with members of our Environmental Sustainability Group being joined by our repairs contractor MCP, Neighbourhood Officers, the Resident Engagement Team and the Energy Project Manager. They came together to each share helpful tips on making the best use of green spaces, and how to save energy and reduce food and household waste.

We want all residents to be able to benefit from the tips shared at these events, so we've put together some useful information, including ways to help the environment and your local community, save on energy and gas and reduce waste. Click the links below to find out more:


Safe Space

Together we can end domestic abuse