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Andrew bags plumbing apprenticeship thanks to Network Homes

Andrew, a resident from Stockwell, has been building himself a ‘life lasting’ career in plumbing thanks to Network Homes' Building Futures Grant.

Andrew Moss, a former security guard and bricklayer, is plying his new trade as an apprentice plumber with Kingsbury Group on a construction site on the Stockwell Park Estate.

He is the first resident to benefit from Network Homes’ Building Futures Grant which will pay for Andrew to get a Level 2 NVQ in Plumbing. His job meanwhile is paid for by Kingsbury.

Andrew was looking for new opportunities when he spoke to Kamara Jackson, Network Homes Employment and Training Adviser, who suggested he apply for an apprenticeship with Kingsbury Group.

He was successful and is now part of the construction team who are building 18 affordable homes on Stockwell Park for Network Homes installing the plumbing, insulation, under floor heating and boilers.

Overall Network Homes has helped 50 residents find work and apprenticeships on our development sites.

Andrew said:  “My apprenticeship has given me a life lasting career, an opportunity to work for other organisations, plumbing companies or even the possibility of one day setting up my own company. In fact my long term plan is to set my own business which I hope to have up and running in the next five years.”

“Network Homes and Kamara especially have been a great support to me. She said that if I worked hard and stay focused then the opportunity is there to fulfil my aspirations.”

Kamara Jackson said: “I’m really pleased for Andrew who is working hard to pursue his dream job. He is the first person to benefit from the Building Futures Fund which is the perfect opportunity those who are looking to get work in the construction industry.”


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