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Vulnerabilities - need to be rescued survey

Would you need to be rescued in the event of an emergency?

If you have a vulnerability it's important you let us know if you'll need to be rescued from your home if there's an emergency.

What do we mean by a vulnerability?

It’s important we know if anyone in your household will need to be rescued in an emergency. If you think this is relevant to your neighbours, please prompt or assist them to complete this form. You may need to be rescued if you or your household have: 

  • Mobility issues 
  • Visual/Hearing impairment 
  • Large family unit 
  • Elderly relatives  
  • Young children. 

How will data be stored and who will it be shared with?

We will collect the information below so that we can ensure you and/or the members of your household can be safely rescued in case of an emergency. 

This information will be shared with your local fire and rescue services along with fire wardens atyour development (if applicable). We will keep this information for the duration of your tenancy/lease.  

As well as being securely stored by Network Homes, this information will be stored in a secure information box at your building, which is only accessible by fire and rescue services and our Building Safety team.  

Please note this survey will not be used to relocate any resident to alternative homes, it is solely for the purpose of capturing vulnerabilities and keeping you safe.

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