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Airbnb - know what you should and shouldn't do

Thinking of letting out your property on Airbnb?

As a leaseholder, this will be a breach of your lease.

Here's why:

  • Use of your property for temporary lettings like Airbnb is a breach of your lease as it amounts to subletting
  • You do not have Network Homes consent to sublet the property
  • Use of such companies means you are using your flat for a commercial use instead of residential, which is a breach of lease
  • You are in breach of the clause in the lease requiring planning permission for use of temporary lettings
  • You would be in breach of the Health and Safety Regulations such as ‘fire safety’
  • Your property insurance could become invalidated
  • You would be in breach of your mortgage conditions
  • Causing noise nuisance by having loud parties and disturbing your neighbours is also a breach of your lease. 

All of the above could result in Network Homes taking action against you which could result in you losing your property. 

For more information please contact our Leasehold team on leasehold.services@networkhomes.org.uk.

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