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Downloading key fire safety information for your building

We’re committed to making sure that it’s easy for you to access the key fire safety information about your building that you need to know. You can download the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) for your building and more fire safety information for your building using the Riskhub Resident Hub. All you need is your unique building reference number which you can look up below. 

How do I use the Riskhub Resident Hub?

Using the Riskhub Resident Hub is really simple and there is no registration needed to access your fire safety information.

First, you must look up your postcode on this page to get your unique building reference number. If you are viewing this page on a smartphone or tablet, click here for steps on how to search the text on a webpage. Please note down your unique building reference number, then visit the Riskhub Resident Hub by clicking here, fill in your unique building reference number and click ‘continue’.

You will be taken to a screen where you will need to provide your name, flat number and contact details before selecting which document you’d like to download.

Visit the Riskhub Resident Hub

More on fire risk assessments

Look up your unique building reference number

Unique property reference number Door number Address line 1 Address line 2 Address line 2 Postcode
LAVE000 A-D   10 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE002 A-C   2 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE004 A-C   4 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE006 A-D   6 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE008 A-D   8 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE012 A-D   12 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE014 A-D   14 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE016 A-D   16 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE018 A-D   18 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE020 A-D   20 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE022 A-D   22 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE024 A-D   24 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE026 A-C   26 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
LAVE028 A-C   28 Lavender Crescent AL3 5PJ
CEDE0000-1 1-5 The Cedars 30 Lavender Crescent AL3 5QS
CEDE0000-2 6-10 The Cedars 30 Lavender Crescent AL3 5QS
CEDE0000-3 11-15 The Cedars 30 Lavender Crescent AL3 5QS
CEDE0000-4 16-20 The Cedars 30 Lavender Crescent AL3 5QS
CEDE0000-6 26-35 The Cedars 30 Lavender Crescent AL3 5QS
HOLI0000-1 1 & 1A & 2 & 2A &3 The Hollies 52 Lavender Crescent AL3 5QU
HOLI0000-2 4 & 4A & 5 & 5A & 6 The Hollies 52 Lavender Crescent AL3 5QU
LUDW000000 3-3A     Ludwick Way AL7 3PA
LUDW000500 5-7A     Ludwick Way AL7 3PA
LUDW000900 9-11A     Ludwick Way AL7 3PA
LUDW001300 13-15A     Ludwick Way AL7 3PA
LYNM001100 11-17     Lynmouth Road AL7 3PB
LYNM001800 18-23     Lynmouth Road AL7 3PB
LYNM002400 24-30     Lynmouth Road AL7 3PB
LYNM003100 31-36     Lynmouth Road AL7 3PB
LYNM003700 37-43     Lynmouth Road AL7 3PB
PELI0000 1-4     Pelican Passage E1 5QQ
BRIC0114 114-116     Brick Lane E1 6RL
BRIC0120 120-122     Brick Lane E1 6RL
HOUB0000 701-1114 Houblon Apartments (Relay Building) 6 Tyne Street E1 7AN
GOWE0063 1-12   63 Gower Walk E1 8GL
NETK0000 1-6 Network House 14 Alie Street E1 8GZ
ROMF0789 A-B   789 Romford Road E12 5AN
DAND0101 101-603 Dandelion Court   Watergate Walk E14 9XR
DOCK0101 101-603 Dockweed Court   Watergate Walk E14 9XR
ROMF0110 1-22   110 Romford Road E15 4EH
MAIT0000 1-19   10 Maitland Road E15 4GH
WOOC0009 9-16     Woodcocks E16 3LE
CRAN0026 26-36     Cranberry Lane E16 4PE
CRAN0038 38-48     Cranberry Lane E16 4PE
CRAN0050 50-60     Cranberry Lane E16 4PE
CRAN0062 62-72     Cranberry Lane E16 4PE
CRAN0074 74-84     Cranberry Lane E16 4PE
CRAN0086 86-96     Cranberry Lane E16 4PE
CRAN0098 98-108   98 Cranberry Lane E16 4PE
CRAN0110 110-120   110 Cranberry Lane E16 4PE
WOOX0082 1-6   82-84 Wood Street E17 3HX
BANB0000 1-11   3 Banbury Road E17 5SY
MEDL0000 1-8 Medlar Court 201 Higham Hill Road E17 6FU
DAHL0000 1-10 Dahlia Court 1 Oatland Rise E17 6GY
GLAU0000 1-18   44 Glaucus Street E3 3QS
HILU0112 1-12 Hill House   Clifden Road E5 0LU
HILU1320 13-20  Hill House   Clifden Road E5 0LU
CLAR0002 1-9 Clarence House 2-4 Clarence Road E5 8HB
LOCB0000-1 1-4 Lockbridge Court 37 Lea Bridge Road E5 9QB
LOCB0000-2 5-6 Lockbridge Court   Lea Bridge Road E5 9QB
LOCB0000-3 7-9 Lockbridge Court   Lea Bridge Road E5 9QB
LOCB0000-4 10-30 Lockbridge Court   Lea Bridge Road E5 9QB
HORS0000 15-25     Horse Leaze E6 6WJ
GOSH0000 1-15 Goshawk House 2 Post Office Approach E7 0QL
ARTH0000 54A-C     Arthur Horsley Walk E7 9BD
FALC0000 1-9 Falconwood Court 14 Stukeley Road E7 9GX
REND0001 1-12 Rendles Court   Dunn Street E8 2FF
REND0013 13-17 Rendles Court   Dunn Street E8 2FF
REND0018 18-22 Rendles Court   Dunn Street E8 2FF
REND0023 23-26 Rendles Court   Dunn Street E8 2FF
ELLF0003 A-B   3 Ellingfort Road E8 3PA
ELLF0021 19-21 (A-F) and 23-29 (odds) 19-29 Ellingfort Road E8 3PA
ELLF0037 33-37 (A-E) and 39-41 (odds) 33-41 Ellingfort Road E8 3PA
ALBI0116 A-C   114-116 Albion Drive E8 4LY
ALBI0124 A-B   124A Albion Drive E8 4LY
LANJ0176 A-C   176 Lansdowne Drive E8 4NE
WARD00002-1 1-33 Humberton House 12 Ward Lane E9 5GX
HAME0000 1-17 Hamella House 7 Sadler Place E9 5QQ
TANH0000 1-28 Tan House 8 Sadlers Place E9 5QW
ALDM0000 1-21 Aldermans House 1 Ward Lane E9 5QY
UPTN0000 1-17 Upton House 9 Ward Lane E9 5QZ
UPTN0019 18-29 Upton House 9 Ward Lane E9 5QZ
UPTN0030 30-41 Upton House 9 Ward Lane E9 5QZ
ARCT0000 1-50 The Archer Tower   Berger Road E9 6FG
BOSS0000 1-9 Boss House   Berger Road E9 6FH
BOWM0000 1-16 Bowman House   Berger Road E9 6FH
NOCK0000 1-11 Nock House   Berger Road E9 6FL
SPOT0000 1-11 Spotter House   Berger Road E9 6FL
DARN0072 1 - 6   72   Darnley Road E9 6QH
BARD0000-1 1-8 Barnard House   Brenthouse Road E9 6QN
BARD0000-2 9-16 Barnard House   Brenthouse Road E9 6QN
BARD0000-3 17-24 Barnard House   Brenthouse Road E9 6QN
ARLI0000 1-21 Arlidge House 11-14 Kirby Street EC1N 8TW
ARLI0000-CP   Arlidge House Car Park 11-14 Kirby Street EC1N 8TW
PARR0072 A-E   72 Park Road EN4 9QF
PARR0074 1-6   74 Park Road EN4 9QF
PARR0076 1-6   76 Park Road EN4 9QF
BARR0001 1-9 Barrie Court   Lyonsdown Road EN5 1HZ
BARR0010 10-18 Barrie Court   Lyonsdown Road EN5 1HZ
HADL0032 1-4   32 Hadley Road EN5 5QS
GRAN0001 1-18 Block A   Grand Union Heights HA0 1LB
GRAN0019 19-36 Block B   Grand Union Heights HA0 1LB
GRAN0037 37-54 Block C   Grand Union Heights HA0 1LB
GRAN0056 55-76 Block D   Grand Union Heights HA0 1LB
GRAN00-CP   Car Park   Grand Union Heights HA0 1LB
GRAN0077 77-108 Block E   Grand Union Heights HA0 1LF
PEPP0000 3-86 Peppermint Heights   Northwick Road HA0 1LG
CARO0001 1-6 Carlyon Court   Carlyon Road HA0 1NJ
CARO0007 7-12 Carlyon Court   Carlyon Road HA0 1NJ
VENI0001 5-88 Venice House 243 Ealing Road HA0 1QL
AYLS0000 2-89 Aylesbury House   Hatton Road HA0 1QW
MARW0000 1-82 Marsworth House   Hatton Road HA0 1QY
MARW0000-CP   Marsworth House Car Park   Hatton Road HA0 1QY
NORN0000 1-17 Northampton House   Hatton Road HA0 1RG
WENV0000 1-17 Wendover House   Hatton Road HA0 1RG
BRAU0000 1-77 Braunston House   Hatton Road HA0 1RP
COSG0000 3-78 Cosgrove House   Hatton Road HA0 1RQ
LANE0018 1-2   18 Lancelot Road HA0 2BP
GOOD0000-1 1-2 Goodmans Court   Lancelot Road HA0 2BQ
GOOD0000-2 3-4 Goodmans Court   Lancelot Road HA0 2BQ
GOOD0000-3 5-13 Goodmans Court   Lancelot Road HA0 2BQ
GOOD0000-4 14-22 Goodmans Court   Lancelot Road HA0 2BQ
GOOD0000-5 23-31 Goodmans Court   Lancelot Road HA0 2BQ
GOOD0000-6 32-33 Goodmans Court   Lancelot Road HA0 2BQ
GOOD0000-7 34-35 Goodmans Court   Lancelot Road HA0 2BQ
CHAG0000 1-5 Charles Goddard House 571 High Road HA0 2DW
HARR0624 A-D   624 Harrow Road HA0 2EJ
ITHE0001 1-8 Ithell Court   Crawford Avenue HA0 2HW
ITHE0009 9-16 Ithell Court 18 Crawford Avenue HA0 2HW
ELMS0014 A-C   14 Elms Lane HA0 2NH
TULS0000 1-36 Tulsi House   Church Gardens HA0 2RA
CHEY0000 1-12     Cherry Tree Close HA0 2RQ
ASHC0000 1-6 Ashcroft Court   Harrow Road HA0 2RX
RUGB0087 1-5   87 Rugby Avenue HA0 3DP
STAA0063 1-12   63 Station Grove HA0 4AR
CHEQ0000 1-18 Chequers House 149 Ealing Road HA0 4BY
STAA0065 1-12   65 Station Grove HA0 4EF
BEEW0000 1-20 Beechwood Court   Napier Road HA0 4GL
EAGL0072 A-B   72 Eagle Road HA0 4SL
EALI0074 A-B   74 Ealing Road HA0 4TH
EALI0108 A-B   108 Ealing Road HA0 4TH
CHAP0070 A-C   70 Chaplin Road HA0 4UL
GREI0039 A-B   39 Greenhill Road HA1 1LD
HILV0000 1-12 Hillview Court 63-65 Roxborough Road HA1 1NP
STKI0041 A-B   41 St Kildas Road HA1 1QD
STKI0053 A-B   53 St Kildas Road HA1 1QD
WELL0125 A-B   125 Welldon Crescent HA1 1QJ
WELL0053 1-3   53 Welldon Cresent HA1 1QP
MARL0054 A-B   54 Marlborough Hill HA1 1TY
LEB00001-1 1-23 Le Bon Court 21 St Johns Road HA1 2EE
LEB00001-2 24-27 Le Bon Court 21 St Johns Road HA1 2EE
ROSS0044 1-4   42-44 Rosslyn Crescent HA1 2RZ
ROSS0093 A-B   93 Rosslyn Crescent HA1 2SA
KODA0000-1   Kodak Court A Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GN
KODA0000-2   Kodak Court B Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GN
KODA0000-3   Kodak Court C Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GN
KODA0000-4   Kodak Court D Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GN
ELIO0000 1-18 Elion Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GP
SHEC0000 1-8 Sherrington Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GQ
CURI0000-1 A Curie Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
CURI0000-2 B Curie Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
HODG000   Hodgson Court Office   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
HODG0000-1 A Hodgson Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
HODG0000-2 B Hodgson Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
HODG0000-3 C-E Hodgson Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
LIST0000-1 A Lister Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
LIST0000-2 B Lister Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
PAST0000-1 A Pasteur Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
PAST0000-2 B Pasteur Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
PAST0000-3 C Pasteur Court   Nightingale Avenue HA1 3GX
WORD0000 1-21 Wordsworth Court 37 Bessborough Road HA1 3XD
POOL0000-1 9-12     Pool Road HA1 3YQ
POOL0000-2 1-4     Pool Road HA1 3YQ
POOL0000-3 5-8     Pool Road HA1 3YQ
BUTL0002 1-6   2 Butler Avenue HA1 4EH
OAKW0000 1-10 Oakwood Court   Pinner Road HA1 4YW
MAVE0000 1-13 Maven Court 1 Sudbury Hill HA1 8SB
SOUD0001-1 A-B   1 Southdown Crescent HA2 0QT
TEMP0000 1-84 Templar House   Northolt Road HA2 0YL
PARI0000 1-45 Parkfield House   Headstone Lane HA2 6NQ
EASC0027 A-B   27 Eastcote Road HA2 8LQ
GRAH0012 A-B   12 Graham Road HA3 5RF
DROM0002 2-12     Dromey Gardens HA3 6AX
DROM0014 14-36     Dromey Gardens HA3 6AX
DROM0038 38-60     Dromey Gardens HA3 6AX
DROM0062 62-78     Dromey Gardens HA3 6AX
DROM0080 80-96     Dromey Gardens HA3 6AX
ABER0042 A-B   42 Aberdeen Road HA3 7NG
ROBI0000 1-17 Robinson Court 37-49 Peel Road HA3 7QX
BIRC0000 1-12 Birch Court   Canning Road HA3 7SP
CARA0072 1-6   72 Carlton Avenue HA3 8AY
KENM0038 A-D   38 Kenmore Avenue HA3 8PH
STPL0024 C-D   24 St Pauls Avenue HA3 9PS
KINS0000 1-6 Kingston Court   Preston Hill HA3 9RW
THED0144 1-5   144 The Mall HA3 9TH
GILD0003 1-20   3 Gildea Close HA5 4SD
NOWE0002 1-8   2 Nower Hill HA5 5QU
NOWE0006 1-8   6-8 Nower Hill HA5 5QU
PINR0696 A-D   696 Pinner Road HA5 5QY
THEI0024 A-B   24 The Highlands HA8 5HL
STAG0056 1-2   56 Stag Lane HA8 5JY
STAG0074 A-B   74 Stag Lane HA8 5JY
ORCD0036 36-38     Orchard Drive HA8 7SD
KINL0000 1-72 Kingsley Court   Tayside Drive HA8 8RE
TAVE0000 1-90 Tavener House 44 South Way HA9 0BX
CONN0000 1-29  Connemara Court 13 White Horse Square HA9 0EX
TABR0000 1-18 Tabriz Court 17 Fulton Road HA9 0FG
SHAM0000 1-9 Shams Court 25 Fulton Road HA9 0GA
LONSH   The Hive 22 Wembley Park Boulevard HA9 0HP
DESA0000 1-37 Desai House 48 South Way HA9 0SS
WILH0000 1-40 Willow House   Victoria Court HA9 6EB
CORS0000 1-36 Corsham House   Victoria Court HA9 6QN
ELSL0000 2-37 Elsley Court   Babington Rise HA9 6SN
GAIC0000-1 9-14 Gainsborough Court   Llanover Road HA9 7BG
GAIC0000-2 1-8 Gainsborough Court   Llanover Road HA9 7BG
GAIC0000-3 15-17 Gainsborough Court   Llanover Road HA9 7BG
MOST0015 A-B   15 Mostyn Avenue HA9 8AY
OAKH0000 1-4 Oak House 1 Elliott Close HA9 8BY
SMITH0000 1-30 Smith House   Matthews Close HA9 8FD
BEST0000 1-31 Best House   Matthews Close HA9 8FE
YASH0000 1-31 Yashin House   Matthews Close HA9 8FG
MOHO0000 1-17 Moss House   Matthews Close HA9 8FH
WEMB0075 1-4   75 Wembley Park Drive HA9 8HE
ELLI0001 1-6     Elliott Close HA9 8JH
ELLI0007 7-12     Elliott Close HA9 8JH
ELLI0013 13-18     Elliott Close HA9 8JH
ELLI0019 19-24     Elliott Close HA9 8JH
ELLI0025 25-30     Elliott Close HA9 8JH
ELLI0031 31-36     Elliott Close HA9 8JH
ELLI0037 37-42     Elliott Close HA9 8JH
HOLC0007 A-B   7 Hollycroft Avenue HA9 8LG
RYDA0000-1 33-53 Rydal Court   Oxenpark Avenue HA9 9TA
RYDA0000-2 15-32 Rydal Court   Oxenpark Avenue HA9 9TA
RYDA0000-3 1-14 Rydal Court   Oxenpark Avenue HA9 9TA
BEEC0000 1-40 Beech Court 62 Riverdene Road IG1 2EA
WHEA000003 3-6     Wheatcroft Close MK6 4NJ
WHEA000007 7-10     Wheatcroft Close MK6 4NJ
WHEA000014 14-17     Wheatcroft Close MK6 4NJ
WHEA000018 18-21     Wheatcroft Close MK6 4NJ
POMA0002 2-8     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NH
POMA0016 16-18     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NH
POMA0020 20-26     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NH
POMA0028 28-30     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NH
POMA0038 38-44     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NH
POMA0001 1-7     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NJ
POMA0019 19-25     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NJ
POMA0035 35-41     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NJ
POMA0043 43-49     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NJ
POMA0055 55-57     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NJ
POMA0059 59-65     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NJ
POMA0067 67-73     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NJ
POMA0075 75-81     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NJ
POMA0085 83-85     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NL
POMA0091 91-97     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NL
POMA0115 115-121     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NL
POMA0131 131-137     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NL
POMA0149 149-155     Pomander Crescent MK7 7NL
LIVE0060 1-3   60 Liverpool Road N1 0PY
HUNI0037 1 - 4   37  Huntingdon Street N1 1BP
HUNI0046 1 - 4   46  Huntingdon Street N1 1BP
HUNI0028 1 - 4   28  Huntingdon Street  N1 1BS
HUNI0002 1 - 4   2   Huntingdon Street N1 1BU
OFFO0177 1-3   177 Offord Road N1 1LR
OFFO0181 1-4   181 Offord Road N1 1LR
NORT0015 1-11   15A Northampton Grove N1 2PL
ROTE0045 1 - 2   45 Rotherfield Street N1 3BU
HALI0003 A - C   3 Haliford Street N1 3HE
DOWH0134 1-8   134-136 Downham Road N1 3HJ
DOWH0149 1 - 5   149   Downham Road N1 3HQ
HUTL0000 1-6 Hutley Wharf 29 Branch Place N1 5PW
WHAR0041 1-6   41 Wharfdale Road N1 9RZ
WHAR0049 1-5   49 Wharfdale Road N1 9RZ
OAKE0146 A-F   146 Oakleigh Road N11 1HG
OAKE0148 A-F   148 Oakleigh Road N11 1HG
BOWL0041 A-C   41 Bow Lane N12 0JR
NETH0057 1-6   57 Nether Street N12 7NP
WOOP0003 1 & 1A-6   3 Woodside Park Road N12 8RT
GROE0091 A-B   91 Grove Road N12 9DS
PORP0000-1 59-153     Portland Road N15 4SY
PORP0000-2 59-153 Common Room and Office Block   Portland Road N15 4SY
PORP0045B-1 3-8 Demacque Court   Portland Road N15 4SY
PORP0045B-2 12-15 Demacque Court   Portland Road N15 4SY
BICK0000 1-13 Bickleigh House   Frogwell Close N15 6ED
HIGH0154-1 1-7 & 152B   154 High Road N15 6UJ
HIGH0154-2 8-21 & A   154 High Road N15 6UJ
NICH0000 1-53 Nicholson Court 403 High Road N17 6QW
ROWE0000 A-F Rowe Court 535 High Road N17 6SB
HIGH0777 1-3   781 High Road N17 8AH
RIGB0000 1-13 Rigby House   Stoneleigh Road N17 9BF
WINP0538 538A-540B Windsor Parade Block 540 High Road N17 9SX
WINP0542 542A-544B Windsor Parade Block 540 High Road N17 9SX
WINP0550 540A-540B Windsor Parade Block 540 High Road N17 9SX
WINP0552 552A-554B Windsor Parade Block 540 High Road N17 9SX
HORY0045 1 - 4   45  Hornsey Rise Gardens  N19 3PS
HORN0000 512-514     Hornsey Road N19 3QN
BAVA025A18 1-8   25A Bavaria Road N19 4EU
BAVA025A916 9-16   25A Bavaria Road N19 4EU
SUSS0000 1A-4G   220 Sussex Way N19 4HG
CORW0105 1-4   105 Cornwallis Road N19 4LQ
CORW0107 1 - 2   107  Cornwallis Road  N19 4LQ
MARL0000 1 - 2   81 Marlborough Road N19 4PA
BREC0240 1-2   240 Brecknock Road N19 5BQ
FLAX0001 A-B Flaxman Villas 1 Manor Park Road N2 0SH
MARK0007 A-B   7 Market Place N2 8BD
LINO0053 Rooms 1-5   53 Lincoln Road East N2 9DJ
ELMR0022 A-C   22 Elm Park Road N3 1EB
DOLL0047 A-C   47 Dollis Park N3 1HJ
DOLR0066 B-H   66 Dollis Road N3 1RG
HEND0096 A-B   96 Hendon Lane N3 3SL
STTHO0017 1-3   17 St Thomas Road N4 2QH
STTHOM0025 1 - 4   25 St Thomas Road N4 2QH
AMBR0015 1-3   15 Ambler Road N4 2QT
GREQ0265 1-8   265 Green Lanes N4 2UX
GREQ0267 1-8   267 Green Lanes N4 2UX
GREQ0269 1-8   269 Green Lanes N4 2UX
BROB0032 1-6   32 Brownswood Road N4 2XP
BROB0034 1-6   34 Brownswood Road N4 2XP
EVEH0024 1-2   24 Evershot Road N4 3BB
HANL0093 A-C   93 Hanley Road N4 3DQ
YONG0014 1-4   14 Yonge Park N4 3NT
HIGN0033 1-6   33 Highbury Grove N5 1HJ
WHIS000 A-B   24 Whistler Street N5 1NH
WHIS000028 A-B   28 Whistler Street N5 1NH
HIGH0000-1 A-H   42 Highbury Grove N5 2AG
HIGH0000-3 A-H   46 Highbury Grove N5 2AG
HIGH0000-5 50 A-G & 52 A-C   50-52 Highbury Grove N5 2AG
GRON0000 1-4   103 Grosvenor Avenue N5 2NL
LECO00063 1 - 3   63   Leconsfield Road N5 2RZ
TABL0000 1-3   13 Tabley Road N7 0NA
CRAY0036 1 - 3   36  Crayford Road  N7 0ND
BARD0001 1-3   1 Bardolph Road N7 0NJ
JACK0047 1-2   47 Jackson Road N7 6EG
MAGH0000–2 24-55 Magnus Heights   Hampden Road N8 0EL
STTH0001 1-13 St Thomas Court   Wrotham Road NW1 9SW
STTH0014 14-19 St Thomas Court   Wrotham Road NW1 9SW
PRIN0000-1 1-45 & 70-74 Printwork Apartments   Press Road NW10 0BR
PRIN0000-2 46-69 Printwork Apartments   Press Road NW10 0BR
PRIN0000-CP   Printwork Apartments Car Park   Press Road NW10 0BR
ARRA0000 1-31 Arran Court   Press Road NW10 0EE
HENE0012 12-16     Henderson Close NW10 0UD
HENE0020 20-24     Henderson Close NW10 0UD
NEAS0143 1-2   143 Neasden Lane NW10 1PS
NEAS0145 A-B   145 Neasden Lane NW10 1PS
HARE0092 A-B   92 Harlesden Road NW10 2BE
HARE0096 A-B   96 Harlesden Road NW10 2BE
KING0060 A-B   60 Kings Road NW10 2BN
HARE0153 A-B   153 Harlesden Road NW10 2BS
HARE0111 A-B   111 Harlesden Road NW10 2BT
HIGR0415 A & B   415 High Road NW10 2DN
COLN0013 A-B   13 Colin Road NW10 2EE
GREM0000-1 9-15 Greenfield Court 63 Pound Lane NW10 2HH
GREM0000-2 1-8 Greenfield Court 63 Pound Lane NW10 2HH
POUN0007 7-9     Pound lane NW10 2HS
BOBC0000 1-7 Bob Cameron House 80 Pound Lane NW10 2HT
BEAC0021 A-B   21 Beaconsfield Road NW10 2JE
HIGR0417 A-B   417 High Road NW10 2JN
LITC0052 A-B   52 Litchfield Gardens NW10 2LL
BELL0000 1-36 Beldanes Lodge 23 Hawthorn Road NW10 2LR
PAVI0000 1-13 Pavitt Court   Hawthorn Road NW10 2LU
HAWH0040 A-B   40 Hawthorne Road NW10 2LX
HAWH0042 A-B   42 Hawthorne Road NW10 2LY
MAYB0046 A-B   46 Maybury Gardens NW10 2LY
MAYB0050 A-B   50 Maybury Gardens NW10 2LY
HAWH0003 A-C   3 Hawthorne Road NW10 2NE
STRO0021 A-B   21 Strode Road NW10 2NN
STAD0014 A-B   14 St Andrews Road NW10 2QS
ROBE0000 1-27 Roberts Court 19 Naesden Lane NW10 2RS
GOWA0052 A-B   52 Gowan Road NW10 2SH
WODC0000 1-38 Wood Court   Harlesden Road NW10 3AQ
HARE0088 1-2   88 Harlesden Road NW10 3BE
HAYC0001 A-B   1 Haycroft Gardens NW10 3BJ
HERB0120 A-B   120 Herbert Gardens NW10 3BP
HERB0012 A-B   12 Herbert Gardens NW10 3BU
HANO0160 A-B   160 Hanover Road NW10 3DP
HANO0170 A-B   170 Hanover Road NW10 3DP
HANO0004 A-B   4 Hanover Road NW10 3DS
CRED0031 A-B   31 Crediton Road NW10 3DT
CRED0049 A-B   49 Crediton Road NW10 3DT
CRED0050 A-B   50 Crediton Road NW10 3DU
OKEH0037 A-B   37 Okehampton Road NW10 3EE
OKEH0041 A-B   41 Okehampton Road NW10 3EE
OKEH0046 A-C   46 Okehampton Road NW10 3EP
WREN0057 A-C   57 Wrentham Avenue NW10 3HN
CHAM0082 A-B   82 Chamberlayne Road NW10 3JL
PHIL0035 1-3   35 Phillimore Gardens NW10 3LL
CHAM0129 A-B   129 Chamberlayne Road NW10 3NT
CHAM0157 A & B   157 Chamberlayne Road NW10 3NT
LEIG0036 1-2   36 Leighton Gardens NW10 3PT
LEIG0078 A-B   78 Leighton Gardens NW10 3PU
HARE0351 351-361     Harlesden Road NW10 3RT
HARE0383 383-393     Harlesden Road NW10 3RT
HARE0173 A-B   173 Harlesden Road NW10 3SD
HARE0146 1-7   146 Harlesden Road NW10 3SE
ROSE0000 1-40 Rosemary House   Uffington Road NW10 3TD
AMBL0016 A-B   16 Ambleside Road NW10 3UJ
STMR0016 A-B   16 St Marys Road NW10 4AP
STMR0018 A-C   18 St Marys Road NW10 4AP
STMY0000-1 1-6 St Marys Mansions 43 St Marys Road NW10 4AT
CHAA0019 A-B   19 Charlton Road NW10 4BE
CHAA0021 A-B   21 Charlton Road NW10 4BE
BURN0041 A-B   41 Burns Road NW10 4DT
BURN0057 A & B   57 Burns Road NW10 4DT
CROW0044 A-B   44 Crownhill Road NW10 4EB
STJO0075 A-B   75 St Johns Avenue NW10 4ED
STJO0022 A-B   22 St Johns Avenue NW10 4EE
STJO0052 A-B   52 St Johns Avenue NW10 4EE
HARL0006 A-B   6 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4EX
HARL0028 A-B   28 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4EX
HARL0034 A-B   34 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4EX
HARL0015 A-C   15 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4EY
HARL0021 A-B   21 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4EY
HARL0031 A-B   31 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4EY
HARL0055 A-B   55 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4EY
HARL0078 A-B   78 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4HA
HARL0067 A-B   67 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4HB
HARL0097 A-B   97 Harlesden Gardens NW10 4HB
CROW0064 A-B   64 Crownhill Road NW10 4HD
SELL0085 A-B   85 Sellons Avenue NW10 4HG
SELL0009 A-C   9 Sellons Avenue NW10 4HJ
SELL0053 A-B   53 Sellons Avenue NW10 4HJ
SELL0057 A-B   57 Sellons Avenue NW10 4HJ
SELL0004 A-B   4 Sellons Avenue NW10 4HL
SELL0008 A-C   8 Sellons Avenue NW10 4HL
SPRN0003 A-B   3 Springwell Avenue NW10 4HN
SPRN0022 A-B   22 Springwell Avenue NW10 4HP
PARP0041 A-B   41 Park Parade NW10 4JE
MANO0096 A-B   96 Manor Park Road NW10 4JP
MANO0114 A-B   114 Manor Park Road NW10 4JP
MANO0136 A-B   136 Manor Park Road NW10 4JP
MANO0144 A-B   144 Manor Park Road NW10 4JP
MANO0075 A-B   75 Manor Park Road NW10 4JU
MANO0081 A-B   81 Manor Park Road NW10 4JU
LEGH0077 A-B   77 Leghorn Road NW10 4PE
LEGH0074 A-B   74 Leghorn Road NW10 4PG
LEGH0134 A-B   134 Leghorn Road NW10 4PG
LEGH0061 A-B   61 Leghorn Road NW10 4PJ
LEGH0067 A-B   67 Leghorn Road NW10 4PJ
LEGH0001 A-B   1 Leghorn Road NW10 4PN
LEGH0003 A-B   3 Leghorn Road NW10 4PN
LEGH0010 A-B   10 Leghorn Road NW10 4PN
RUCK0030 A-B   30 Rucklidge Avenue NW10 4PS
WILO0006 A-B Willows Terrace 6 Rucklidge Avenue NW10 4PT
WILW0005 A-B Willows Terrace 5 Rucklidge Avenue NW10 4PT
WILW0008 1-2 Willows Terrace 8 Rucklidge Avenue NW10 4PT
STAD0018 A-B   18 St Andrews Road NW10 4QS
TUBB0055 A-B   55 Tubbs Road NW10 4QX
TUBB0093 A-B   93 Tubbs Road NW10 4QX
TUBB0097 A-B   97 Tubbs Road NW10 4QX
TUBB0043 A-B   43 Tubbs Road NW10 4RA
TUBB0045 A-B   45 Tubbs Road NW10 4RA
TUBB0034 1-6   34-38 Tubbs Road NW10 4RE
TUBB0064 A-B   64 Tubbs Road NW10 4RE
TUBB0068 A-B   68 Tubbs Road NW10 4RE
BUCK0033 A-B   33 Buckingham Road NW10 4RJ
BUCK0046 A-B   46 Buckingham Road NW10 4RR
BUCK0072 A-B   72 Buckingham Road NW10 4RR
WEND0016 A-B   16 Wendover Road NW10 4RT
WEND0020 A-B   20 Wendover Road NW10 4RT
WEND0024 A-B   24 Wendover Road NW10 4RT
WEND0021 A-B   21 Wendover Road NW10 4RX
WEND0047 A-B   47 Wendover Road NW10 4RX
WEND0057 A-B   57 Wendover Road NW10 4RX
WEND0059 A-B   59 Wendover Road NW10 4RX
NIGH0044 A & B   44 Nightingale Road NW10 4SA
NIGH0046 A-B   46 Nightingale Road NW10 4SA
NIGH0050 A-B   50 Nightingale Road NW10 4SA
HIGH0156 A-D   156 High Street NW10 4SP
HIGS0164 A-B   164 High Street NW10 4ST
HIGS0175 1-8   175 High Street NW10 4TE
STAI0028 1-6   28-30 Station Road NW10 4UE
RANL003900 1-6   39 Ranelagh Road NW10 4UR
RANL0041 A-B   41 Ranelagh Road NW10 4UR
RANL0042 A-B   42 Ranelagh Road NW10 4UR
RANL0013 A-C   13 Ranelagh Road NW10 4UT
RANL0015 A-B   15 Ranelagh Road NW10 4UT
BUCH0119 A-B   119 Buchanan Gardens NW10 5AA
BUCH0009 A-B   9 Buchanan Gardens NW10 5AD
BUCH0032 A-B   32 Buchanan Gardens NW10 5AE
BUCH0034 A-B   34 Buchanan Gardens NW10 5AE
BUCH0082 A-B   82 Buchanan Gardens NW10 5AE
HOLL0025 1-3   25 Holland Road NW10 5AH
ALLS0032 A & B   32 All Souls Avenue NW10 5AR
HOLL0082 A-C   82 Holland Road NW10 5AY
HOLL0084 A-B   84 Holland Road NW10 5AY
WAKE0103 A-B   103 Wakeman Road NW10 5BH
WAKE0119 A-B   119 Wakeman Road NW10 5BH
WAKE0057 A-B   57 Wakeman Road NW10 5BJ
COMP0018 1-2   18 Compton Road NW10 5BP
BULL0003 A-B   3 Buller Road NW10 5BS
COMP0019 A-B   19 Compton Road NW10 5BY
WAKE0052 A-B   52 Wakeman Road NW10 5DG
WAKE0086 A-B   86 Wakeman Road NW10 5DH
RAIN0026 A & B   26 Rainham Road NW10 5DJ
COLL0015 A-B   15 College Road NW10 5EL
COLL0019 A-B   19 College Road NW10 5EL
COLL0031 A & B   31 College Road NW10 5EL
COLL0049 A & B   49 College Road NW10 5EL
COLL0152 A-B   152 College Road NW10 5HB
BATH0126 A-B   126 Bathurst Gardens NW10 5HX
BATH0072 A-B   72 Bathurst Gardens NW10 5HY
BATH0022 A-B   22 Bathurst Gardens NW10 5JA
CLIF0084 A-B   84 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JB
CLIF0001 A-C   1 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JE
CLIF0027 A & B   27 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JE
CLIF0035 A-B   35 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JE
CLIF0047 A-B   47 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JE
CLIF0059 1-2   59 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JE
CLIF0107 A-B   107 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JG
CLIF0111 A-B   111 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JG
CLIF0113 A-B   113 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JG
CLIF0117 A-B   117 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JG
CLIF0119 A-B   119 Clifford Gardens NW10 5JG
BATH0073 A-B   73 Bathurst Gardens NW10 5JH
BATH0119 A-B   119 Bathurst Gardens NW10 5JJ
BATH0139 A-B   139 Bathurst Gardens NW10 5JJ
BATH0159 A-B   159 Bathurst Gardens NW10 5JJ
HARO0860 1-6   860 Harrow Road NW10 5JU
HARO0788 A-C   788 Harrow Road NW10 5JX
WARF0001 A-B   1 Warfield Road NW10 5LA
PEMB0017 A-C   17 Pember Road NW10 5LR
PEMB0030 A-B   30 Pember Road NW10 5LS
PEMB0043 A-C   43 Pember Road NW10 5LT
PEMB0047 A-B   47 Pember Road NW10 5LT
PEMB0044 A-B   44 Pember Road NW10 5LU
PEMB0046 A-B   46 Pember Road NW10 5LU
HARO1058 1056A-C & 1058A-C     Harrow Road NW10 5NL
HARO1060 1060-1062     Harrow Road NW10 5NL
HARO1106 A-B   1106 Harrow Road NW10 5NL
RAVE0029 A-B   29 Ravensworth Road NW10 5NP
STMA0052 A-B   52 St Margarets Road NW10 5PX
HAZE0019 A-B   19 Hazel Road NW10 5QA
EARL0068 A-B   68 Earlsmead Road NW10 5QB
EARL0065 A-B   65 Earlsmead Road NW10 5QD
MORT0043 A-B   43 Mortimer Road NW10 5QR
MORT0059 A-B   59 Mortimer Road NW10 5QR
LINE0001 A-B   1 Linden Avenue NW10 5QS
LINE0004 A-B   4 Linden Avenue NW10 5QS
MOSY0012 A-B   12 Mostyn Gardens NW10 5QX
LINE0035 A-B   35 Linden Avenue NW10 5RL
ASHB0036 A-B   36 Ashburnham Road NW10 5SD
ASHB0060 A-B   60 Ashburnham Road NW10 5SE
ASHB0082 A-B   82 Ashburnham Road NW10 5SE
BURR0034 A-B   34 Burrows Road NW10 5SG
BURR0036 A-B   36 Burrows Road NW10 5SG
BURR0100 A-B   100 Burrows Road NW10 5SH
FELI0031 A-B   31 Felixstowe Road NW10 5SR
PURV0011 A-B   11 Purves Road NW10 5ST
PURV0013-1 A-B   13 Purves Road NW10 5ST
PURV0008 A-B   8 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0010 A-B   10 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0012 A-C   12 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0018 16B-18B   16-18 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0020 A-B   20 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0022 A-B   22 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0024 A-B   24 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0026 A-B   26 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0028 A-B   28 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0030 A-B   30 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0032 A-B   32 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0034 A-B   34 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0036 A-B   36 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0038 A-B   38 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0046 A-B   46 Purves Road NW10 5SU
PURV0043 A-B   43 Purves Road NW10 5SY
PURV0106 A-B   106 Purves Road NW10 5TB
PURV0065 A-B   65 Purves Road NW10 5TD
PURV0071 A-B   71 Purves Road NW10 5TD
PURV0179 A-B   179 Purves Road NW10 5TJ
LANG0022 A-B   22 Langler Road NW10 5TL
MORT0133 1-2   133 Mortimer Road NW10 5TN
BRAT0003 A-B   3 Bramston Road NW10 5TX
BRAT0013 A-B   13 Bramston Road NW10 5TX
FURN0074 1-2   74 Furness Road NW10 5UE
FURN0076 A-B   76 Furness Road NW10 5UE
FURN0053 A-B   53 Furness Road NW10 5UJ
FURN0071 A-B   71 Furness Road NW10 5UJ
MONS0015 A-B   15 Monson Road NW10 5UR
MONS0019 A-B   19 Monson Road NW10 5UR
WROT0037 A-B   37 Wrottesley Road NW10 5UT
LUSH0035 A-B   35 Lushington Road NW10 5UX
WROT0023 A-B   23 Wrottesley Road NW10 5UY
VICT0075 A-B   75 Victor Road NW10 5XB
NAPI0032 A-B   32 Napier Road NW10 5XJ
CHOL0029 A & B   29 Cholmondeley Avenue NW10 5XP
ANCO0026 A & B   26 Ancona Road NW10 5YA
HALF0000 1-10 Halifax House 240 Acton Lane NW10 7BR
LEYL0000 1-6 Leyland House 242 Acton Lane NW10 7BR
RENO0000 1-89 Renown House 236 Acton Lane NW10 7BR
RENO0000-CP   Renown House Car Park 236 Acton Lane NW10 7BR
STEA0000 1-26 Stella Court   Central Way NW10 7FL
AURO0000 1-62 Aurora House   Central Way NW10 7FN
LUMA0000 1-57 Luma Apartments   Central Way NW10 7FN
CAPL0002 A-B   2 Caple Road NW10 8AB
CAPL0010 A-B   10 Caple Road NW10 8AB
CAPL0012 A-C   12 Caple Road NW10 8AB
BRAS0005 A-D   5 Bramshill Road NW10 8AE
BRAS0002 1-8   2-4 Bramshill Rd NW10 8AG
MINE0002 A-B   2 Minet Avenue NW10 8AH
MINE0014 A-B   14 Minet Avenue NW10 8AH
MINE0018 A-B   18 Minet Avenue NW10 8AH
MINE0020 A-B   20 Minet Avenue NW10 8AH
MINE0022 A-B   22 Minet Avenue NW10 8AH
MINE0032 A-B   32 Minet Avenue NW10 8AH
MINE0056 1-2   56 Minet Avenue NW10 8AH
MINE0001 A-B   1 Minet Avenue NW10 8AJ
MINE0005 A-B   5 Minet Avenue NW10 8AJ
MINE0017 A-C   17 Minet Avenue NW10 8AJ
MINE0031 A-B   31 Minet Avenue NW10 8AJ
MINE0037 A-B   37 Minet Avenue NW10 8AJ
MINE0039 A-B   39 Minet Avenue NW10 8AJ
MINE0043 A & B   43 Minet Avenue NW10 8AJ
MINE0049 A-B   49 Minet Avenue NW10 8AJ
FAIL0007 A-B   7 Fairlight Avenue NW10 8AL
FAIL0025 1 & 2   25 Fairlight Avenue NW10 8AL
MINE0130 A-B   130 Minet Avenue NW10 8AP
MINE0051 A-B   51 Minet Avenue NW10 8AR
MINE0073 A-B   73 Minet Avenue NW10 8AR
MINE0142 A-B   142 Minet Avenue NW10 8AU
HARY0068 A-B   68 Harley Road NW10 8AX
HARY0076 A-B   76 Harley Road NW10 8AX
HARY0078 A-B   78 Harley Road NW10 8AX
HARY0113 A-B   113 Harley Road NW10 8AY
HARY0117 A-B   117 Harley Road NW10 8AY
HARY0025 A-B   25 Harley Road NW10 8BA
HARY0031 A-B   31 Harley Road NW10 8BA
HARY0063 A & B   63 Harley Road NW10 8BA
HARY0065 A & B   65 Harley Road NW10 8BA
HARY0067 A-B   67 Harley Road NW10 8BA
HARY0085 83B, 85A & 85B   83-85 Harley Road NW10 8BA
HARV0003 A-B Harley Villas 3 Harley Road NW10 8BD
BIKO0000 1-46 Biko House   Barry Road NW10 8DW
NEWR0000 1-40 Newcroft House   Stonebridge Park NW10 8DZ
THON0000 1-10     Thornberry Court NW10 8GJ
THON0001 11-23 Thornberry Court   Craven Park NW10 8GJ
CECL0008 A-B   8 Cecil Road NW10 8JU
CRAV0098 1-7   98 Craven Park NW10 8QE
CRAV0048 A-F   48 Craven Park NW10 8QL
CRAV0052 A-B   52 Craven Park NW10 8QL
CRAV0058 A-C   58 Craven Park NW10 8QL
CRAV0060 A-B   60 Craven Park NW10 8QL
CRAV0034 1-3   34 Craven Park NW10 8QN
CASS0011 A-B   11 Casselden Road NW10 8QR
CASS0014 A-B   14 Casselden Road NW10 8QR
BRUC0030 A-B   30 Bruce Road NW10 8QS
SAWY0000 1-9 Sawyer Court 56 Alric Avenue NW10 8RA
BRUC0013 A-B   13 Bruce Road NW10 8RE
CRAE0071 1-3   71 Craven Park NW10 8SR
CRAV0043 A-B   43 Craven Park NW10 8SR
CRAV0057-1 14-15   57F Craven Park NW10 8SR
CRAV0057-2 C-E   57 Craven Park NW10 8SR
CRAV0057-3 16-18   57G Craven Park NW10 8SR
CRAV0059 A-C   59 Craven Park NW10 8SR
CRAV0061 61 & 61A& 61B   61 Craven Park NW10 8SR
CRAV0035 A-C   35 Craven Park NW10 8ST
CRAV0012 A-C   12 Craven Park NW10 8SY
CRAV0014 A-C   14 Craven Park NW10 8SY
CRAV0016 A-C   16 Craven Park NW10 8SY
PARO0017 A-C   17 Park Road NW10 8TA
PARO0019 A-C   19 Park Road NW10 8TA
PARO0023 A-C   23 Park Road NW10 8TA
PARO0024 A-B   24 Park Road NW10 8TA
PARO0004 A-C   4 Park Road NW10 8TB
PARO0005 A-C   5 Park Road NW10 8TB
PARO0006 A-C   6 Park Road NW10 8TB
PARO0009 A-C   9 Park Road NW10 8TB
PARO0014 A-C   14 Park Road NW10 8TB
DOLP0000 1-6 Dolphy Court 22 Craven Park NW10 8TD
ACTO0008 A-B   8 Acton Lane NW10 8TS
BAKE0014 A-B   14 Baker Road NW10 8UA
GREL0007 A-B   7 Greenhill Road NW10 8UD
GREL0011 A-B   11 Greenhill Road NW10 8UD
GREL0015 A-B   15 Greenhill Road NW10 8UD
GREL0027 A-B   27 Greenhill Road NW10 8UD
GREL0030 A-B   30 Greenhill Road NW10 8UE
GREL0032 1-8   32 Greenhill Road NW10 8UE
STAL0008 A-B   8 St Albans Road NW10 8UH
CECL0006 A-B   6 Cecil Road NW10 8UJ
CECL0024 A-B   24 Cecil Road NW10 8UJ
ACTO0011 A-C   11 Acton Lane NW10 8UX
ACTO0023 A-C   23 Acton Lane NW10 8UX
ACTO0035 A-B   35 Acton Lane NW10 8UX
NICO0020 A-C   20 Nicoll Road NW10 9AB
NICO0030 A-B   30 Nicoll Road NW10 9AB
CONN0032 A-C   32 Connaught Road NW10 9AG
CONN0048 A-B   48 Connaught Road NW10 9AG
CONN0056 A-C   56 Connaught Road NW10 9AG
CONN0066 A-B   66 Connaught Road NW10 9AG
CONN0013 A-C   13 Connaught Road NW10 9AJ
GREH0002 A-B   2 Greenhill Park NW10 9AR
GREH0010 A-C   10 Greenhill Park NW10 9AR
NICO0052 A-D   52 Nicoll Road NW10 9AS
CONN0045 A-C   45 Connaught Road NW10 9AT
TUNL0004 A-B   4 Tunley Road NW10 9JS
INMA0016 A-B   16 Inman Road NW10 9JT
INMA0030 A-B   30 Inman Road NW10 9JT
INMA0033 A-B   33 Inman Road NW10 9JU
INMA0051 A-B   51 Inman Road NW10 9JU
GLYN0026 A-B   26 Glynfield Road NW10 9JX
REDF0067 A-B   67 Redfern Road NW10 9LA
REDF0014 A-B   14 Redfern Road NW10 9LB
LEOP0059 A-B   59 Leopold Road NW10 9LG
GOOO0008 A-B   8 Goodson Road NW10 9LR
ESSE0033 1-6   33 Essex Road NW10 9PG
ESSE0035     35 Essex Road NW10 9PG
WEST0005 A-B   5 West Ella Road NW10 9PT
WEST0011 A-B   11 West Ella Road NW10 9PT
WEST0013 A-B   13 West Ella Road NW10 9PT
WEST0017 A-B   17 West Ella Road NW10 9PT
WEST0016 A-B   16 West Ella Road NW10 9PU
CHUH0034 A-B   34 Church Road NW10 9PX
CHUH0040 A-B   40 Church Road NW10 9PX
CHUH0056 A-B   56 Church Road NW10 9QD
CHUH0066 A-C   66 Church Road NW10 9QD
CHUH0068 A-C   68 Church Road NW10 9QD
KEEN0000 1-9 Keene Court 74 Church Road NW10 9QD
CHUH0078 A-C   78 Church Road NW10 9QH
CHUH0086 1-3   86 Church Road NW10 9QH
CHUH0088 A-B   88 Church Road NW10 9QH
CHUH0098 A-B   98 Church Road NW10 9QH
CHUH0100 A-B   100 Church Road NW10 9QH
BROL0020 A-B   20 Brownlow Road NW10 9QL
BROL0059 A-B   59 Brownlow Road NW10 9QS
BROL0072 A&B   72 Brownlow Road NW10 9QT
BROL0074 A-B   74 Brownlow Road NW10 9QT
BROL0082 A-B   82 Brownlow Road NW10 9QT
BROL0084 A-B   84 Brownlow Road NW10 9QT
FORT0033 A-B   33 Fortunegate Road NW10 9RD
FORT0077 A-B   77 Fortunegate Road NW10 9RH
ROUC0000 1-9 Roundwood Court   Outgate Road NW10 9TH
ROUN0020 A-F   20 Roundwood Road NW10 9TJ
OLDF0013 A-B   13 Oldfield Road NW10 9UD
OLDF0012 A-B   12 Oldfield Road NW10 9UE
OLDF0032 A-B   32 Oldfield Road NW10 9UE
OUTG0009 A-B   9 Outgate Road NW10 9UG
ROUN0090 A & B   90 Roundwood Road NW10 9UH
ROUN0091 A-B   91 Roundwood Road NW10 9UJ
HAWK0007 A-B   7 Hawkshead Road NW10 9UP
OLDF0069 A-D   69 Oldfield Road NW10 9UT
OLDF0119 A-B   119 Oldfield Road NW10 9UT
CLAR0021 A-C   21 Claremont Road NW2 1BP
LANH0000 15-28 Langhorne House 5 Swannell Way NW2 1FA
CRIC0060 A-B   60 Cricklewood Lane NW2 1HJ
CRIC0066 A-B   66 Cricklewood Lane NW2 1HJ
CRIC0058 A-B   58 Cricklewood Lane NW2 1HR
WORL0000 1-12 Worley Court 1 Sandifer Drive NW2 1TA
CRES0000 1-8 Cresswell Court 20 Handley Grove NW2 1TB
FALK0000 1-8 Falkirk Court 22 Handley Grove NW2 1TB
HEYF0000 1-12 Heyford Court 2 Handley Grove NW2 1TB
JOYC0000 1-12 Joy Court 38 Handley Grove NW2 1TB
RATL0000 1-6 Ratcliffe Court 18 Handley Grove NW2 1TB
HAZA0000 1-8 Centre Point Barnet Foyer 1 Handley Grove NW2 1TD
LEEC0000 1-5 Lee Court 19 Handley Grove NW2 1TD
ROBC0000 1-6 Robinson Court   Handley Grove NW2 1TD
CRIC0078 A-B   78 Cricklewood Lane NW2 2DN
CHOR0000-1 1-7 Chorus House 1 Woodley Crescent NW2 2DW
CHOR0000-2 8-15 Chorus House 1 Woodley Crescent NW2 2DW
CHOR0000-3 16-21 Chorus House 1 Woodley Crescent NW2 2DW
CRIC0267 A-B   267 Cricklewood Lane NW2 2JJ
LABR0000 A-J Laburnham Court 189 Granville Road NW2 2LH
LICH0036 A-C   36 Lichfield Road NW2 2RG
ELMG0006 A-B   6 Elm Grove NW2 3AA
SHEL0018 A-B   18 Sheldon Road NW2 3AJ
SHEL0000 1-5   1 Sheldon Road NW2 3AL
CHIC0089 A-B   89 Chichele Road NW2 3AT
WALM0183 A-D   183 Walm Lane NW2 3AY
WALM0186 1-6   186 Walm Lane NW2 3BP
WALM0190 A-D   190 Walm Lane NW2 3BP
CHIC0014 A-C   14 Chichele Road NW2 3DA
CHIC0030 A-C   30 Chichele Road NW2 3DA
ARGL0000 1-12 Argyll Mansions 36 Chichele Road NW2 3DB
CHIC0086 A-C   86 Chichele Road NW2 3DH
OAKG0005 A-B   5 Oak Grove NW2 3LS
ANSO0026 1-3   26 Anson Road NW2 3UU
ANSO0041 A-C   41 Anson Road NW2 3UY
ANSO0045 A-C   45 Anson Road NW2 3UY
ANSO0047 A-D   47 Anson Road NW2 3UY
ANSO0055 A-D   55 Anson Road NW2 3UY
ANSO0057 A-D   57 Anson Road NW2 3UY
KEYE0008 A-B   8 Keyes Road NW2 3XA
KEYE0034 A-B   34 Keyes Road NW2 3XA
KEYE0044 1-3   44 Keyes Road NW2 3XA
KEYE0015 A-B   15 Keyes Road NW2 3XB
KEYE0032 1-3   32 Keyes Road NW2 3XB
HOVE0003 A-C   3 Hoveden Road NW2 3XE
HOVE0005 A-C   5 Hoveden Road NW2 3XE
HOVE0025 A-C   25 Hoveden Road NW2 3XE
ASTL0003 A-B   3 Astley Avenue NW2 4AD
JAME0011 A-B   11 James Avenue NW2 4AJ
CHAT0023 A-C   23 Chatsworth Road NW2 4BJ
AVOH0000 13-53 Avonhurst House   Coverdale Road NW2 4DF
STGA0035 A-C   35 St Gabriels Road NW2 4DT
STGA0095 A-C   95 St Gabriels Road NW2 4DU
STGA0097 A-C   97 St Gabriels Road NW2 4DU
TEIG0078 1-3   78 Teignmouth Road NW2 4DX
TEIG0083 A-C   83 Teignmouth Road NW2 4EA
DART0093 A-C   93 Dartmouth Road NW2 4ER
DART0030 A-C   30 Dartmouth Road NW2 4EX
DART0078 A-C   78 Dartmouth Road NW2 4HA
DART0098 A-C   98 Dartmouth Road NW2 4HB
DART0100 1-3   100 Dartmouth Road NW2 4HB
TEIG0038 1-4   38 Teignmouth Road NW2 4HN
MELR0027 1-9 Susan Glover House 11-13 Melrose Avenue NW2 4LH
MELR0033 1-8   33 Melrose Avenue NW2 4LH
MELR0049 A-C   49 Melrose Avenue NW2 4LH
CRAH0035 A-C   35 Cranhurst Road NW2 4LJ
CRAH0059 1-2   59 Cranhurst Road NW2 4LL
CRAH0061 A&B   61 Cranhurst Road NW2 4LL
CRAH0016 A-B   16 Cranhurst Road NW2 4LN
CRAH0054 A-B   54 Cranhurst Road NW2 4LP
MELR0085 A-C   85 Melrose Avenue NW2 4LR
CHAN0019 A-B   19 Chandos Road NW2 4LS
CHAN0021 A-B   21 Chandos Road NW2 4LS
CHAN0033 A-B   33 Chandos Road NW2 4LS
CHAN0037 A-B   37 Chandos Road NW2 4LT
CHAN0053 1-2   53 Chandos Road NW2 4LT
MELR0113 A-B   113 Melrose Avenue NW2 4LX
MELR0121 A-B   121 Melrose Avenue NW2 4LY
BLEN0001 A-B   1 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NL
CLOV0000 1-39 Clovelly Court 54 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NQ
BLEN0027 A-C   27 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NR
BLEN0045 A-B   45 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NR
BLEN0051 A-B   51 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NR
BLEN0059 A-B   59 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NR
BLEN0061 A-B   61 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NR
BLEN0026 A-C   26 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NS
BLEN0068 A-C   68 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NT
BLEN0070 1-3   70 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NT
BLEN0072 A-B   72 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NT
BLEN0074 A-B   74 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NT
BLEN0082 A-B   82 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NT
BLEN0094 A-B   94 Blenheim Gardens NW2 4NT
RIFF0055 A-B   55 Riffel Road NW2 4PG
RIFF0077 A-B   77 Riffel Road NW2 4PG
RIFF0081 A-B   81 Riffel Road NW2 4PG
RIFF0024 A-B   24 Riffel Road NW2 4PH
WALM0125 A-B   125 Walm Lane NW2 4QE
WALM0127 A-F   127 Walm Lane NW2 4QE
WALM0097 1-2   97 Walm Lane NW2 4QG
WALM0107 A-C   107 Walm Lane NW2 4QG
STAN0001 A-B   1 Stanley Gardens NW2 4QH
STAN0003 A-B   3 Stanley Gardens NW2 4QH
STAN0005 A-B   5 Stanley Gardens NW2 4QH
STAN0007 1 - 2   7 Stanley Gardens NW2 4QH
STAN0009 A-C   9 Stanley Gardens NW2 4QH
STAN0017 1-2   17 Stanley Gardens NW2 4QH
STAN0012 1-2   12 Stanley Gardens NW2 4QJ
STAN0014 1-2   14 Stanley Gardens NW2 4QJ
STAN0020 1-2   20 Stanley Gardens NW2 4QJ
WALM0073 A-B   73 Walm Lane NW2 4QL
WALM0079 A-C   79 Walm Lane NW2 4QL
GROS0001 A-B   1 Grosvenor Gardens NW2 4QN
GROS0007 A-B   7 Grosvenor Gardens NW2 4QN
GROS0010 A-B   10 Grosvenor Gardens NW2 4QP
WALM0134 A-C   134 Walm Lane NW2 4RT
STGA0014 A-C   14 St Gabriels Road NW2 4RY
STGA0020 A-C   20 St Gabriels Road NW2 4RY
STGA0022 A-C   22 St Gabriels Road NW2 4RY
STGA0028 1-4   28 St Gabriels Road NW2 4SA
STGA0056 A-D   56 St Gabriels Road NW2 4SA
EXET0008 A-C   8 Exeter Road NW2 4SP
DEAN0037 A-B   37 Dean Road NW2 5AB
DEAN0039 A & B   39 Dean Road NW2 5AB
DEAN0026 A-C   26 Dean Road NW2 5AE
DEAN0032 1-6   32 Dean Road NW2 5AE
DEAN0034 A-C   34 Dean Road NW2 5AE
PARK0033 A-B   33 Park Avenue NW2 5AN
PARK0035 A-C   35 Park Avenue NW2 5AN
PARK0043 A-C   43 Park Avenue NW2 5AN
PARK0002 A-C   2 Park Avenue NW2 5AP
PARK0016 A-C   16 Park Avenue NW2 5AP
ACKL0001 A-B   1 Ackland Road NW2 5AX
LINA0025 A-B   25 Linacre Road NW2 5AY
LINA0026 A-B   26 Linacre Road NW2 5BB
LECH0022 A-B   22 Lechmere Road NW2 5BU
LECH0051 A-B   51 Lechmere Road NW2 5DA
HUDD0052 A-B   52 Huddlestone Road NW2 5DN
HUDD0056 1 & 1B   56 Huddlestone Road NW2 5DN
WIND0022 A-B   22 Windsor Road NW2 5DS
WIND0045 A-B   45 Windsor Road NW2 5DT
BALM0027 A-B   27 Balmoral Road NW2 5DU
BALM0003 A-B   3 Balmoral Road NW2 5DX
BALM0005 A-B   5 Balmoral Road NW2 5DX
BALM0008 A-B   8 Balmoral Road NW2 5DY
CHUC0015 A-B   15 Churchill Road NW2 5ED
CHUC0049 A-B   49 Churchill Road NW2 5ED
CHUC0066 A-B   66 Churchill Road NW2 5ED
CHUC0069 A-B   69 Churchill Road NW2 5ED
CHUC0058 A-B   58 Churchill Road NW2 5EE
SANR0119 A-B   119 Sandringham Road NW2 5EJ
SANR0121 A-B   121 Sandringham Road NW2 5EJ
STAV0043 A-B   43 Staverton Road NW2 5HA
ELEC0000 1-25 Electric House 298 Willesden Lane NW2 5HZ
HEAT0008 1-5   8 Heathfield Park NW2 5JD
HEAT0022 A-C   22 Heathfield Park NW2 5JE
BRON0126 A-C   126 Brondesbury Park NW2 5JP
BRON0128 A-C   128 Brondesbury Park NW2 5JP
KNIG0000 1-67 Knightleas Court   Brondesbury Park NW2 5JQ
BRON0096 1-7   96 Brondesbury Park NW2 5JR
CHAE0095 A-B   95 Chapter Road NW2 5LH
CHAE0155 A-B   155 Chapter Road NW2 5LJ
CHAE0173 A-B   173 Chapter Road NW2 5LJ
CHAE0189 A-B   189 Chapter Road NW2 5LJ
CHAE0191 A-B   191 Chapter Road NW2 5LJ
CHAE0114 A-B   114 Chapter Road NW2 5LS
CHUR0000 1-11 Churchill Court   Chapter Road NW2 5LT
CHAE0241 A-B   241 Chapter Road NW2 5LU
CHAE0285 A-B   285 Chapter Road NW2 5LU
CHAE0289 1-2   289 Chapter Road NW2 5LU
CHAE0178 1-2   178 Chapter Road NW2 5NB
CHAE0190 A-B   190 Chapter Road NW2 5NB
CHAE0315 A-B   315 Chapter Road NW2 5ND
CHAE0256 1-2   256 Chapter Road NW2 5NE
CHAE0282 A-B   282 Chapter Road NW2 5NE
CHAE0284 A-B   284 Chapter Road NW2 5NE
CHAE0407 A-B   407 Chapter Road NW2 5NG
BELT0023 A-B   23 Belton Road NW2 5PD
VILL0046 A-B   46 Villiers Road NW2 5PH
VILL0172 A-B   172 Villiers Road NW2 5PU
DEAC0108 A-B   108 Deacon Road NW2 5QJ
DEAC0114 A-B   114 Deacon Road NW2 5QJ
CHAT0197 A-B   197 Chatsworth Road NW2 5QS
LYDFLH A-C   8 Lydford Road NW2 5SA
STPA0005 A-B   5 St Pauls Avenue NW2 5SS
STPA0007 A-B   7 St Pauls Avenue NW2 5SS
STPA0009 A-B   9 St Pauls Avenue NW2 5SS
STPA0011 A-C   11 St Pauls Avenue NW2 5SS
STPA0006 A-C   6 St Pauls Avenue NW2 5SX
STPA0014 A-C   14 St Pauls Avenue NW2 5SX
STPA0026 1-6   26 St Pauls Avenue NW2 5SX
STPA0047 A-D   47 St Pauls Avenue NW2 5SY
STPA0093 A-C   93 St Pauls Avenue NW2 5UB
HEBE0011 A-B   11 Heber Road NW2 6AB
ANSO0064 1-8   64-66 Anson Road NW2 6AD
ROCK0015 A-B   15 Rockhall Road NW2 6DT
PINE0055 A-B   55 Pine Road NW2 6SB
MORA0007 A-B   7 Mora Road NW2 6SD
LARC0043 A-B   43 Larch Road NW2 6SH
LARC0069 A-B   69 Larch Road NW2 6SH
CEDA0023 A-B   23 Cedar Road NW2 6SS
IVYR0074 A-B   74 Ivy Road NW2 6SX
IVYR0033 A-B   33 Ivy Road NW2 6SY
IVYR0035 A-B   35 Ivy Road NW2 6SY
MORA0063 A-B   63 Mora Road NW2 6TB
MORA0084 A-B   84 Mora Road NW2 6TE
MORA0086 A-B   86 Mora Road NW2 6TE
ASHF0004 A-B   4 Ashford Road NW2 6TP
OLIV0048 A-B   48 Olive Road NW2 6UD
OLIV0124 A-B   124 Olive Road NW2 6UU
KATR0000 1-18 Katrine Court   Shobroke Close NW2 6YU
DEBH0001 1-12 Debham Court   Pinemartin Close NW2 6YX
DEBH0013 13-30 Debham Court   Pinemartin Close NW2 6YX
BADG0001 1-12 Badger Court   Pinemartin Close NW2 6YY
BADG0013 13-24 Badger Court   Pinemartin Close NW2 6YY
CIPH0000 1-47 Cipher Court   Flowers Close NW2 7BF
CIPH0000-CP Car Park Cipher Court   Flowers Close NW2 7BF
CHAX0000 1-62 Chartwell Court 151 Brook Road NW2 7DW
CODE0000 1-43 Code Court   Flowers Close NW2 7FG
CABI0000 1-52 Cabinet Court   Flowers Close NW2 7FH
COLG0002-1 1-2, 5-7, 11-13, 17-19 & 23-24 Coles Green Court   Coles Green Road NW2 7FL
COLG0002-2 27-34 Coles Green Court   Coles Green Road NW2 7FL
COLG0002-3 8-10 & 14-16 & 20-22 & 25 & 26 Coles Green Court   Coles Green Road NW2 7FL
RAND0056 A-F   56 Randall Avenue NW2 7ST
HATS0000 1-28 Hatstone Court 335 Finchley Road NW3 6EN
FARC0001 1-6     Farm Court NW4 4TA
FARC0007 7-12     Farm Court NW4 4TA
FARC0012 12-18     Farm Court NW4 4TA
FARC0019 19-24     Farm Court NW4 4TA
FARC0025 25-29     Farm Court NW4 4TA
TURN000 1-17 Turner House   Dresden Close NW6 1XH
TURN000-CP   Turner House Car Park   Dresden Close NW6 1XH
MCDO0003 3-12 Mcdonald House   Malvern Road NW6 5BF
MCDO0015 13-24 McDonald House   Malvern Road NW6 5BF
CART0010 A-D   10 Carlton Vale NW6 5EE
CAMD0074 1-20   74 Cambridge Road NW6 5FL
CAMD0076 1-20   76 Cambridge Road NW6 5FL
CAMD0078 1-19   78 Cambridge Road NW6 5FL
CAMD0072 1-20   72 Cambridge Road NW6 5FN
CAMD0080 1-24   80 Cambridge Road NW6 5FN
CAMD0082 1-25   82 Cambridge Road NW6 5FN
HANS0015 1-26   15 Hansel Road NW6 5FP
HANS0015-CP Car Park   15 Hansel Road NW6 5FP
KILP0110 1-15   110 Kilburn Park Road NW6 5FQ
KILP0120 1-15   120 Kilburn Park Road NW6 5FQ
KILP0130 1-15   130 Kilburn Park Road NW6 5FQ
KILP0140 1-15   140 Kilburn Park Road NW6 5FQ
KILP100 1-15   100 Kilburn Park Road NW6 5FQ
MALV0083 A-C   83 Malvern Road NW6 5PU
BROE0098 A-C   98 Brondesbury Villas NW6 6AD
BROE0116 A-C   116 Brondesbury Villas NW6 6AE
BROE0093 A-C   93 Brondesbury Villas NW6 6AG
BROE0095 A-C   95 Brondesbury Villas NW6 6AG
BROE0101 A-C   101 Brondesbury Villas NW6 6AG
BROD0018 A-D   18 Brondesbury Road NW6 6AY
LYNT0011 A-B   11 Lynton Road NW6 6BD
HART0069 A-B   69 Hartland Road NW6 6BG
LYNT0032 A-B   32 Lynton Road NW6 6BL
BROD0072 A-C   72 Brondesbury Road NW6 6BS
CHEV0031 A-B   31 Chevening Road NW6 6DB
CHEV0035 A-B   35 Chevening Road NW6 6DB
CHEV0043 A-B   43 Chevening Road NW6 6DB
CHEV0045 A-B   45 Chevening Road NW6 6DE
KESL0074 A-B   74 Keslake Road NW6 6DG
HARD0023 1-3   23 Harvist Road NW6 6EU
HARD0065 A-C   65 Harvist Road NW6 6EX
HARD0073 A-C   73 Harvist Road NW6 6HA
HARD0081 A-B   81 Harvist Road NW6 6HA
HARD0113 A-C   113 Harvist Road NW6 6HA
HARD0165 A-C   165 Harvist Road NW6 6HB
HARD0189 A-B   189 Harvist Road NW6 6HB
HARD0227 A-C   227 Harvist Road NW6 6HE
HARD0263 A-C   263 Harvist Road NW6 6HH
HARD0108 A-B   108 Harvist Road NW6 6HJ
HARD0086 A-B   86 Harvist Road NW6 6HL
HARD0104 A-B   104 Harvist Road NW6 6HL
KINW0008 1-6   8 Kingswood Avenue NW6 6LA
HARD0193 A-B   193 Harvist Road NW6 6NB
DONA0047 A-B   47 Donaldson Road NW6 6NE
SALU0114 A-C   114 Salusbury Road NW6 6PB
ALGE0014 A-C   14 Algernon Road NW6 6PU
MORL0000 1-20 Morland House   Brondesbury Road NW6 6QL
KEMP0066 A-B   66 Kempe Road NW6 6SL
KEMP0078 A-B   78 Kempe Road NW6 6SL
KEMP0047 A-C   47 Kempe Road NW6 6SN
KEMP0033 A-B   33 Kempe Road NW6 6SP
PAUL0000 1-14 Paul Daisley Court 61 Christchurch Avenue NW6 7BA
CHRI0053 A-D   53 Christchurch Avenue NW6 7BB
JOHB000A 52-68 John Barker Court 14 Brondesbury Park NW6 7BW
JOHB000B 69-84 John Barker Court 14 Brondesbury Park NW6 7BW
DYNE0077 77-77B   77 Dyne Road NW6 7DR
DYNE0068 A-D   68 Dyne Road NW6 7DS
PLYM0030 A-C   30 Plympton Road NW6 7EG
PLYM0003 A-C   3 Plympton Road NW6 7EH
PLYM0021 A-C   21 Plympton Road NW6 7EH
GLEN0017 A-B   17 Glengall Road NW6 7EL
GLEN0074 A-B   74 Glengall Road NW6 7ER
GLEN0071 A-B   71 Glengall Road NW6 7ES
GLEN0073 A-B   73 Glengall Road NW6 7ES
GLEN0075 A-B   75 Glengall Road NW6 7ES
CHAI0006 A-B   6 Charteris Road NW6 7ET
CHAI0012 A-B   12 Charteris Road NW6 7ET
CHAI0032 A-B   32 Charteris Road NW6 7ET
CHAI0038 A-B   38 Charteris Road NW6 7ET
CHAI0040 A-B   40 Charteris Road NW6 7ET
CHAI0106 A-B   106 Charteris Road NW6 7EX
CHAI0037 A-B   37 Charteris Road NW6 7EY
CHAI0067 A-B   67 Charteris Road NW6 7EY
CHAI0069 A-B   69 Charteris Road NW6 7EY
HAZM0031 1-2   31 Hazelmere Road NW6 7HA
ESMO0010 A-B   10 Esmond Road NW6 7HE
ESMO0033 A-B   33 Esmond Road NW6 7HF
ESMO0047 A-B   47 Esmond Road NW6 7HF
GLEN0103 A-B   103 Glengall Road NW6 7HG
KENL0007 A-B   7 Kenilworth Road NW6 7HL
BURT0013 A-C   13 Burton Road NW6 7LL
BURT0025 1-5   25 Burton Road NW6 7LL
STRE0038 A-C   38 Streatley Road NW6 7LS
BUCL0042 A-C   42 Buckley Road NW6 7LU
BUCL0048 1-3   48 Buckley Road NW6 7LU
BUCL0016 A-C   16 Buckley Road NW6 7NA
DUNT0013 A-C   13 Dunster Gardens NW6 7NG
DUNT0024 A-C   24 Dunster Gardens NW6 7NH
THEA0034 A-D   34 The Avenue NW6 7NP
CHRI0024 A-D   24 Christchurch Avenue NW6 7QN
CHRI0026 A-D   26 Christchurch Avenue NW6 7QN
PRIO0086 A-B   86 Priory Park Road NW6 7UN
PRIO0087 A-B   87 Priory Park Road NW6 7UN
PRIO0101 A-B   101 Priory Park Road NW6 7UN
PRIO0107 A-B   107 Priory Park Road NW6 7UX
DYNE0014 A-C   14 Dyne Road NW6 7XE
CAVE0004 A-B   4 Cavendish Road NW6 7XH
CAVE0006 A-C   6 Cavendish Road NW6 7XH
CAVE0044 A-C   44 Cavendish Road NW6 7XP
ALMA0000 1-12 Alma Birk House 25-27 Cavendish Road NW6 7XR
CAVE0035 A-D   35 Cavendish Road NW6 7XR
THEA0016 A-F   16 The Avenue NW6 7YD
THEA0024 A-D   24 The Avenue NW6 7YD
ABEC0015 A-C   15 Abercorn Road NW7 1JH
AVER0001 1-140 Avery Court 40, 41 & 45 Capitol Way NW9 0AU
BREE0000 1-76 Bree Court 46 Capitol Way NW9 0AU
WESF000 92-102     Westfield Close NW9 0LX
WESF0068 68-78     Westfield Close NW9 0LX
WESF0088 80-90     Westfield Close NW9 0LX
WESF0102 104-114     Westfield Close NW9 0LX
ASHH0000 1-8 Ash House   Westfield Close NW9 0LY
AIRC0001 1-29     Airco Close NW9 0NW
AIRC0030 30-53     Airco Close NW9 0NW
AIRC0054 59-64     Airco Close NW9 0NW
AIRC0077 76-99     Airco Close NW9 0NX
AIRC0105 105-128     Airco Close NW9 0NX
CITI0000 1-11 Citizen Court 3 Telepgraph Avenue NW9 4BD
ARGU0000-1 1-18 Argus Court 4 Guardian Avenue NW9 4BE
ARGU0000-2 19-36 Argus Court 4 Guardian Avenue NW9 4BE
MAIL0000 1-11 Mail Court 2 Observer Close NW9 4BF
TEMH0001 1,4 & 7 Templar House   Pocklington Close NW9 5ER
TEMH0002 2-3 & 5-6 & 8-9 Templar House   Pocklington Close NW9 5ER
COLD0139 1-4   139 Colindale Avenue NW9 5HB
DISH0000 1-9     Dishforth Lane NW9 5WG
KENE0007 7-10     Kenley Avenue NW9 5WP
KENE0011B 11-14     Kenley Avenue NW9 5WP
KENE0015 15-18     Kenley Avenue NW9 5WP
KENE0019B 19-22     Kenley Avenue NW9 5WP
KENE0023 23-26     Kenley Avenue NW9 5WP
KENE0027 27-30     Kenley Avenue NW9 5WP
KENE0031 31-34     Kenley Avenue NW9 5WP
POCK0000 1-9     Pocklington Close NW9 5WS
RUSL0062 A-B   62 Russell Road NW9 6AL
CYPR0000 1-4 Cypress Lodge   Brent View Road NW9 7EF
JUNI0000 1-6 Juniper Lodge 70 Brentview Road NW9 7EF
REDO0000 1-6 Redwood Lodge 62 Brent View Road NW9 7EF
SPRU0000 1-6 Spruce Lodge 60 Brent View Road NW9 7EF
CHEL0000-1 1-9 Cherrylands Close   Deanscroft Avenue NW9 8EW
CHEL0000-2 10-38 Cherrylands Close   Deanscroft Avenue NW9 8EW
MAPL0000 1-28 Maple Lodge   Birchen Grove NW9 8SE
HARU0000 1-40 Harrod Court   Stag lane NW9 9AD
ACAI0000 1-32 Acacia Court   Apline Road NW9 9BP
HUMM0000 1-11 Hummingbird Court   Stag Lane NW9 9BZ
CHAR0000 1-16 Charles Court 28A Old Kenton Lane NW9 9PA
HEWE0000 1-9   7-9 Hewett Road RM8 2XT
TOWNSEND00 110-155     Townsend Mews SG1 3BQ
GLAS000000GN 67-73     Gladstone Road SG12 0AQ
GLAS0075 75-81     Gladstone Road SG12 0AQ
GLAS0083 83-89     Gladstone Road SG12 0AQ
BERK0005-1 5-10     Berkeley Close SG12 0BP
BERK0005-2 11-16     Berkeley Close SG12 0BP
PRIS000000-1 12-18     Priory Street SG12 0DA
PRIS000000-2 20-26     Priory Street SG12 0DA
HAZE0000 1-12 Hazel Court   Cowper Close SG12 0GH
ROWC0000 1-9 Rowan Court   Cowper Close SG12 0GJ
SPRC0000 1-8 Spruce Court   Cowper Close SG12 0GN
ROSB0000 1-10 Rosebury House   Gladstone Road SG12 0GP
TEMP0004 4A-F     Temple Lane SG12 0HP
TEMP0024 24-34     Temple Lane SG12 0HP
WOOD0023 23-24A     Woodlands Road SG12 0SW
DELF0001 1-4     Dellfield SG12 0TB
DELF0005 5-8     Dellfield SG12 0TB
DELF0020 17-20     Dellfield SG12 0TB
DELF0021 21-24     Dellfield SG12 0TB
DELF0025 25-28     Dellfield SG12 0TB
DELF0029 29-32     Dellfield SG12 0TB
CEDR0000 1-13 Cedars Court   Cozens Road SG12 2FJ
TRIN0064 64-67     Trinity Road SG12 7DD
TRIN0068 68-71     Trinity Road SG12 7DD
TRIN0072 72-75     Trinity Road SG12 7DD
MAPE0000-1 1-4 Maple Way   Cozens Road SG12 7FA
MAPE0000-2 5-8 Maple Way   Cozens Road SG12 7FA
ORCA0000 1-13 Orchard Court   Cozens Road SG12 7FH
CROM0093 93-109     Cromwell Road SG12 7LD
CROM0115-1 115-121 Cromwell Road   Cromwell Road SG12 7LD
CROM0115-2 127-133 Cromwell Road   Cromwell Road SG12 7LD
CROM0135 135-151     Cromwell Road SG12 7LD
TOWR0045 45-55     Tower Road SG12 7LN
TOWR0057 57-67     Tower Road SG12 7LN
TOWR0069 69-79     Tower Road SG12 7LN
TOWR0081 81-91     Tower Road SG12 7LN
TOWR0093 93-103     Tower Road SG12 7LN
TOWR0105 105-115     Tower Road SG12 7LN
HART0001 1-52     Hartfield Court SG12 7LT
HART0053 53-60     Hartfield Court SG12 7LT
TOWR0046 46-62     Tower Road SG12 7LW
TOWR0064 64-80     Tower Road SG12 7LW
TOWR0082 82-98     Tower Road SG12 7LW
QUAK0001 1-6     Quaker Road SG12 7NH
QUAK0007 7-12     Quaker Road SG12 7NH
MUSL0122 122-132     Musley Hill SG12 7NL
SOUT0041 41-44     Southall Close SG12 7PE
KING0014 14-20     Kingham Road SG12 7SB
KING0022 22-28     Kingham Road SG12 7SB
KING0030 30-36     Kingham Road SG12 7SB
KING0038 38-44     Kingham Road SG12 7SB
2327030000   Community Hall   Folly View SG12 8AY
STAB0000 1-6 St Andrews Court   Chapelfields SG12 8BS
CAPP0085 85-91     Cappel Lane SG12 8DA
CAPP0093 93-99     Cappel Lane SG12 8DA
CHAP0011 11-17     Chapelfields SG12 8HS
CHAP0019 19-25     Chapelfields SG12 8HS
CHAP0027 27-33     Chapelfields SG12 8HS
CHAP0035 35-41     Chapelfields SG12 8HS
CHAF0070 70-76     Chapelfields SG12 8HX
CHAF0086 86-92     Chapelfields SG12 8HX
CHAP0046 46-52     Chapelfields SG12 8HX
CHAP0054 54-60     Chapelfields SG12 8HX
CHAP0062 62-68     Chapelfields SG12 8HX
CHAP0078 78-84     Chapelfields SG12 8HX
CHAP0094 94-100     Chapelfields SG12 8HX
CHAP0067 67-73     Chapelfields SG12 8HY
CHAP0075 75-81     Chapelfields SG12 8HY
CHAP0102 102-108     Chapelfields SG12 8HY
CHAP0110 110-116     Chapelfields SG12 8HY
CHAP0122 118-122     Chapelfields SG12 8HY
CHAP0124 124-130     Chapelfields SG12 8HY
CHAP0059 59-65     Chapelfields SG12 8HZ
WOOD0034 34-40     Woodcroft Avenue SG12 8JQ
WOOD0042 42-48     Woodcroft Avenue SG12 8JQ
WOOD0050 50-56     Woodcroft Avenue SG12 8JQ
NEWI0000 1-20 New River Court   London Road SG12 9DD
FRASC0002 D-F   2 Francis Road SG12 9HA
RAIL0003 3 & 16-28     Railway View SG12 9JR
PRES0001-1   The Grange 1B Presdales Court SG12 9NF
PEPP0036-1 36-36A     Pepper Hill SG12 9RZ
PEPP0036-2 38-38A     Pepper Hill SG12 9RZ
PEPP0040-1 40-40A     Pepper Hill SG12 9RZ
PEPP0040-2 42-42A     Pepper Hill SG12 9RZ
BURA000000OP 1-29 Burgage Court   Burgage Lane SG12 9XB
TUDD000500 5-12     Tudor Square SG12 9XF
TUDD001300 13-19     Tudor Square SG12 9XF
CARI0000 1-9 Carisbrook Court   Ware Road SG13 7AD
HAMP0000 1-9 Hampton Court   Ware Road SG13 7AD
CONS0000 47-71     Constables Way SG13 7AF
MEAL0062 62-84     Mead Lane SG13 7GA
MEAL0082 86-108     Mead Lane SG13 7GA
OFFICE-RIV   Riversmead House 36 Ware Road SG13 7HH
OFFICE-YEO   Yeoman House   Ware Road SG13 7HJ
PARC004500 42-52     Park Road SG13 7LF
TRIN0029 29-35     Trinity Road SG13 7QR
TRIN0037 37-43     Trinity Road SG13 7QR
HARR0001 1-9 Harrington Court   Hertford Heath SG13 7QT
HARR0001-10 10-11 Harrington Court   Hertford Heath SG13 7QT
HARR0001-12 12-20 Harrington Court   Hertford Heath SG13 7QT
HAME0010 10-32     Hamels Drive SG13 7SN
HAME0036 36-52     Hamels Drive SG13 7SN
LINK0012 12-34     Links Avenue SG13 7SR
EAGL0021 21-29     Eagle Court SG13 7SS
TEES0011 11-22     Teeside SG13 7ST
BIRD0013 13-29     Birdie Way SG13 7SX
KNOL0001 1-12     The Knoll SG13 7SZ
HILC0000 1-18 Hillside Court   Constables Way SG13 7TY
WILD000000 1-12 Wildman Court   Lilbourne Drive SG13 7WU
NEGD000162 162-179     Newland Gardens SG13 7WZ
NEGD000162-CP Block 162-179 & 180-194 Car Park   Newland Gardens SG13 7WZ
NEGD000180 180-194     Newland Gardens SG13 7WZ
NEGD000195 195-203     Newland Gardens SG13 7WZ
PEAR0058 58-64     Pearson Avenue SG13 8HH
PEAR0084 84-90     Pearson Avenue SG13 8HH
CECI0076 76-98     Cecil Road SG13 8HS
CECI0081-1 93-103     Cecil Road SG13 8HS
CECI0081-2 81-91     Cecil Road SG13 8HS
CECI0117 117-139     Cecil Road SG13 8HS
CECI0100 100-122     Cecil Road SG13 8HT
CECI0141 141-163     Cecil Road SG13 8HT
CECI0148 148-170     Cecil Road SG13 8HT
DELL0001 1-6     The Dell SG13 8JD
DELL0007 7-12     The Dell SG13 8JD
DELL0013 13-18     The Dell SG13 8JD
DELL0019-1 19-24     The Dell SG13 8JD
DELL0019-2     37 The Dell SG13 8JD
DELL0025 25-30     The Dell SG13 8JD
FANS0043 44-50     Fanshaws Lane SG13 8PF
FOUR0001-1 7-10     Fourways SG13 8PL
FOUR0001-2 1-6     Fourways SG13 8PL
NEAL000000 1-14 Neal Court   St Andrew Street SG14 1HT
PRIO0001 1-12 Priory Court   Priory Street SG14 1RH
BIRC0001 1-63 & 64-71 Bircherley Court   Bircherley Street SG14 1RL
CLAH0000 33-44     Claud Hamilton Way SG14 1SR
FLEM0028 28 & 32 & 36     Fleming Crescent SG14 2DJ
FLEM0048 4, 8,12,16,20 & 24     Fleming Crescent SG14 2DJ
HUTT0002 2-30     Hutton Close SG14 2DN
HUTT0032 32-60     Hutton Close SG14 2DN
HUTT0062 62-90     Hutton Close SG14 2DN
FARM0002 2-12     Farm Close SG14 2DP
FARM0014 14-24     Farm Close SG14 2DP
FARM0026 26-36     Farm Close SG14 2DP
FARM0038 38-48     Farm Close SG14 2DP
FARM0050 50-60     Farm Close SG14 2DP
FARM0074 74-84     Farm Close SG14 2DP
FARM0086 86-96     Farm Close SG14 2DP
TUDO0002-1 26-36     Tudor Way SG14 2DU
TUDO0002-2 2-12     Tudor Way SG14 2DU
TUDO0002-3 14-24     Tudor Way SG14 2DU
CALT0001 1-55 Calton Court   Calton Avenue SG14 2EG
THIE0001 1-17     Thieves Lane SG14 2EJ
THIE0019 19-35     Thieves Lane SG14 2EL
NORW0014 14-19     Norwood Close SG14 2EX
NORW0020 20-25     Norwood Close SG14 2EX
NORW0026 26-31     Norwood Close SG14 2EX
EDMU0035 35-41 & 45-51     Edmunds Road SG14 2EY
EDMU0024 24-30 & 34-40     Edmunds Road SG14 2EZ
ARAG0000 1-6 Aragon Court   Welwyn Road SG14 2FE
BOLE0000 1-6 Boleyn Court   Welwyn Road SG14 2FF
BOLE0000-7 7-12 Boleyn Court   Welwyn Road SG14 2FF
CLEV0000 1-6 Cleves Court   Welwyn Road SG14 2FG
HENR0000 1-32 Henrietta Court   The Ridgeway SG14 2FQ
HENR0000-CP   Henrietta Court Car Park   The Ridgeway SG14 2FQ
GEORG0000 1-18 Georgiana Court   The Ridgeway SG14 2FR
CLAV0000 1-13 Clavering Court   The Ridgeway SG14 2FU
COMP0000 1-23 Compton Court   Repton Road SG14 2FW
TAPL0000-1 26-36 Thieves Lane (Block D)   Taplow Avenue SG14 2FZ
TAPL0000-2 60-70 Thieves Lane (Block B)   Taplow Avenue SG14 2FZ
TAPL0001 50-58 Thieves Lane (Block A)   Taplow Avenue SG14 2FZ
TAPL0003 38-48 Thieves Lane (Block C)   Taplow Avenue SG14 2FZ
TAPL0005 53-63 Thieves Lane (Block C)   Taplow Avenue SG14 2FZ
TAPL0006 41-51     Taplow Avenue SG14 2GP
BURN0049 49-59     Burnett Square SG14 2HB
BURN0084 84-118     Burnett Square SG14 2HD
BENT0050 50-60     Bentley Road SG14 2HE
BENT0064 64-70 & 74-80     Bentley Road SG14 2HE
LAWR0011-1 23-28     Lawrence Close SG14 2HH
LAWR0011-2 17-22     Lawrence Close SG14 2HH
LAWR0011-3 11-16     Lawrence Close SG14 2HH
BENT0082-1 82-92     Bentley Road SG14 2HL
BENT0082-2 94-104     Bentley Road SG14 2HL
BENT0082-3 106-116     Bentley Road SG14 2HL
BENT0118-1 130-140     Bentley Road SG14 2HL
BENT0118-2 118-128     Bentley Road SG14 2HL
GLEN0004 4-11 Glenfield Court   Burnett Square SG14 2HN
WIND0026 26-48     Windsor Drive SG14 2HU
WIND0098 98-120     Windsor Drive SG14 2HY
WIND0124 124-146     Windsor Drive SG14 2HY
LEES0001 1-10 Leeswood Court   The Ridgeway SG14 2JT
HAMS0001 1-12 Hamsworth Court   The Ridgeway SG14 2JU
HAMS0017 17-23 Hamsworth Court   The Ridgeway SG14 2JU
BIRC0019 19-19A & 21A-F     Birch Green SG14 2LR
PERR131800KS 13-18     Perrett Gardens SG14 2LW
PERR7120-1 7-12     Perrett Gardens SG14 2LW
PERR7120-2 13-18     Perrett Gardens SG14 2LW
PERRIR1924KI 19-24     Perrett Gardens SG14 2LW
LETT0010 10/12/14a-14d     Letty Green SG14 2PA
VICA0023 23-29     Vicarage Lane SG14 2QA
BARL0001 1A- 3B     Barleycroft SG14 2QB
TRUN0025 25-35     Turners Close SG14 2QW
ANNA0000 1-11 Anna Court   The Ridgeway SG14 2TL
PALM0007 7-13     Palmer Close SG14 3LD
PALM0012 12-18     Palmer Close SG14 3LD
PALM0015 15-21     Palmer Close SG14 3LD
PALM0023 23-29     Palmer Close SG14 3LD
TEMP0017 17-27     Temple Fields SG14 3LR
TEMF0035 35-45     Temple Fields SG14 3LS
GOSS0001 1-20 Gosselin House   Barley Croft SG14 3LX
CROU0010-1 10-24     Crouch Gardens SG9 9FL
CROU0010-2 25-37     Crouch Gardens SG9 9FL
NORR000 2-8     Norris Way SG9 9SS
NORR0000 30-36     Norris Way SG9 9SS
NORR0002 22-28     Norris Way SG9 9SS
NORR003 10-20     Norris Way SG9 9SS
STLE0001 A-D   1 St Leonards Road SW14 7LY
STLE0003 A-C   3 St Leonards Road SW14 7LY
STLE0005 A-C   5 St Leonards Road SW14 7LY
STLE0007 A-C   7 St Leonards Road SW14 7LY
STLE0009 A-C   9 St Leonards Road SW14 7LY
STLE0011 A-C   11 St Leonards Road SW14 7LY
ARTI0000 1-17     Artillery Place SW1P 1HE
WILB0007 1-29   7 Willow Place SW1P 1JH
MORI0000 1-23 Morrison Court 12 St Anns Street SW1P 2DF
COBB0000-CP   Shared Residential Car Park - Cobbold Court Elverton Street SW1P 2QG
COBB0001 1-4 Cobbold Court   Elverton Street SW1P 2QG
COBB0005 5-8 Cobbold Court   Elverton Street SW1P 2QG
COBB0009 9-26 Cobbold Court 1 Elverton Street SW1P 2QG
COBB0027 27-55 Cobbold Court 2 Elverton Street SW1P 2QG
DOUG0000 1A-24A   11 Douglas Street SW1P 4DX
DOUG0000-CP Car Park   11 Douglas Street SW1P 4DX
ORLE0000 1-14 Orleans Court 4 Douglas Street SW1P 4PB
HIND0000 1-73 Hindon Court   Wilton Road SW1V 1DU
HIND0000-CP   Hindon Court Car Park   Wilton Road SW1V 1DU
GROR0148 1-5   148 Grosvenor Road SW1V 3AN
GROR0149 1-5   149 Grosvenor Road SW1V 3AN
GROR0146 1-5   146 Grosvenor Road SW1V 3JY
CAMB0155 A-B   155 Cambridge Street SW1V 4QB
CAMB0157 A-B   157 Cambridge Street SW1V 4QB
CAMB0159 A-B   159 Cambridge Street SW1V 4QB
CAMB0161 A-B   161 Cambridge Street SW1V 4QB
CAMB0163 A-B   163 Cambridge Street SW1V 4QB
CAMB0169 A-B   169 Cambridge Street SW1V 4QB
CAMB0172 172-A-B   172 Cambridge Street SW1V 4QE
CAMB0178 A-C   178 Cambridge Street SW1V 4QE
BURN0000 1a- 1c & 1-19 Burney House 4 Ardwell Road SW2 4BT
BURN0000-CP   Shared Residential Car Park - Leye House - Burney House & Grevillehurst House 4 Ardwell Road SW2 4BT
LAYE0000 1-21 Laye House 57 Blairderry Road SW2 4SD
TRID0000 1-13 Trinder House 51 Blairderry Road SW2 4SD
MACA0025 1-7   25 Macaulay Road SW4 0QP
MACA0027 1-6   27 Macaulay Road SW4 0QP
MACA0031 1-28   31 Macaulay Road SW4 0QP
CARN0155 153-179     Carnwath Road SW6 3EJ
CARN0187 187-199     Carnwath Road SW6 3EJ
BARB0012 12-18     Barbara Castle Close SW6 7SD
BARB0024 24-31     Barbara Castle Close SW6 7SD
PHOE0001 1-6 Phoenix Court   Chertsey Road TW13 4RN
PHOE0007 7-12 Phoenix Court   Chertsey Road TW13 4RN
PHOE0013 13-18 Phoenix Court   Chertsey Road TW13 4RN
PHOE0019 19-24 Phoenix Court   Chertsey Road TW13 4RN
HAYE0025 25-28 Hayden Court   Chertsey Road TW13 4TR
HAYE0029 29-34 Hayden Court   Chertsey Road TW13 4TR
HAYE0035 35-40 Hayden Court   Chertsey Road TW13 4TR
HAYE0041 41-45 Hayden Court   Chertsey Road TW13 4TR
SOUT000 1-41 Southdown House 2 Manor Place TW14 9AN
FURZ0000 1-12 Furze Court   Ryegrass Close TW14 9AR
LINI0000 1-54 Linnet House 59 Fern Grove TW14 9AZ
PIPI0000 1-17  Pipit House 60 Fern Grove TW14 9BB
RICH0001 1-2 Richill Lodge   Rodney Road TW2 7AW
RICH0003 3-8     Richill Lodge TW2 7AW
RICH0009 9-15     Richill Lodge TW2 7AW
RICH0016 16-20     Richill Lodge TW2 7AW
SOHO0000 1-33 Soho Court 7 Selbourne Avenue TW3 1BX
MEVA0000 1-35 Mevagissey Court 3 Selbourne Avenue TW3 1DQ
EMER0000-1 1-11 Emeric House   Samuelson Place TW7 4FJ
EMER0000-2 12-14 Emeric House   Samuelson Place TW7 4FJ
STJN0000 1-29   5 St Johns Road TW7 6YE
GARD0000 1-17     Garden Road TW9 4NR
GARD0020 18-54     Garden Road TW9 4NR
AMAR0000 1-9 Amarjot Court   Featherstone Road UB2 5BF
FEAT0001-1 1-9 Featherstone Court   Featherstone Road UB2 5GP
FEAT0001-2 10-15 Featherstone Court   Featherstone Road UB2 5GP
FEAT0016 16-34 Featherstone Court   Featherstone Road UB2 5GP
FEAT0035 35-45 Featherstone Court   Featherstone Road UB2 5GP
TENO0000 35-56 Tenon House (Block J - Core 2) 27 Chailey Place UB3 3FH
TENO0001 1-34  Tenon House 25 Chailey Place Pump Lane UB5 3FH
CHAT0000 1-11 Chantilly House 32 Perth Close UB5 4FS
KELS0034 1-19 Kelso House (Block C) 34 Perth Close UB5 4FT
LEAO0000 1-19  Leopardstown House 36 Perth Close UB5 4FU
FSTL0000 1-19 St Leger House 40 Perth Close UB5 4FX
STER0000-1 1-27 Sterry Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6BD
STER0000-2 28-44 Sterry Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6BD
KATH0000-1 1-23 Katherine Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6DN
KATH0000-2 24-46 Katherine Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6DN
KATH0000-3 47-63 Katherine Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6DN
BLAN0000-1 1-28 Blanche Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6HG
BLAN0000-2 29-45 Blanche Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6HG
BUND0000 1-15 Bundy Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6RF
HARM0000-1 1-14 Harman Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6SS
HARM0000-2 16-38 Harman Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6SS
HARM0000-3 39-54 Harman Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6SS
WEYM0000 1-16 Weyman Court   Rectory Park UB5 6ST
HERC0000 1-32 Hern Court   Greenhill Gardens UB5 6SW
LARK0001 49-71 Larkspur Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6WW
LARK0002 18-48 Larkspur Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6WW
LARK0003 1-17 Larkspur Court   Rectory Park Avenue UB5 6WW
ATRI0001   Atrium Point   Greenford Road UB6 0FF
MOLY0000 1-20 Molloy Court   Greenhill Gardens UB6 6SU
BOTA0000 1-42 Botany Court   Parva Grove UB6 7FR
VERD0000 1-46 Verdure Court 4 Bilton Road UB6 7FS
SWAT0000 1-17 Swath Court   Bilton Road UB6 7FT
KILB0219 A-B   219 Kilburn Lane W10 4BQ
KILB0221 A-B   221 Kilburn Lane W10 4BQ
KILB0249 A-B   249 Kilburn Lane W10 4BQ
KILB0257 A-B   257 Kilburn Lane W10 4BQ
KILB0267 A-B   267 Kilburn Lane W10 4BQ
KILB0271 A-B   271 Kilburn Lane W10 4BQ
MOZA0012 A-C   12 Mozart Street W10 4LA
LANI0001 1-6   20b Lancefield Street W10 4PB
LANI0007-1 7-10   20C Lancefield Street W10 4PB
LANI0007-2 11-22   20C Lancefield Street W10 4PB
LANI0007-3 23-29   20C Lancefield Street W10 4PB
RUSS0001 1-15 Russells Wharf   Harrow Road W10 4RE
RUSS0016 16-17 Russells Wharf   Harrow Road W10 4RE
RUSS0018 18-28 Russells Wharf   Harrow Road W10 4RE
RUSS0029 28-38 Russells Wharf 423 Harrow Road W10 4RE
RUSS0039 39-44 Russells Wharf 423 Harrow Road W10 4RE
RUSS0051 51-59 Russells Wharf   Harrow Road W10 4RE
RUSS0060 60-68 Russells Wharf 423 Harrow Road W10 4RE
QUAY0000-1 1-6 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-10 81-87 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-11 88-95 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-12 96-108 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-2 19-26 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-3 27-33 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-4 34-44 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-5 45-51 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-6 52-62 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-7 63-69 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-8 70-80 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
QUAY0000-9 7-18 Quayside House 302 Kensal Road W10 5BF
TOLL0011 11-14     Tollbridge Close W10 5GE
TOLL0007 7-10     Tollbridge Close W10 5GW
TOLL0015 15-18     Tollbridge Close W10 5GW
TOLL0019 19-26     Tollbridge Close W10 5GW
TOLL0027 27-30     Tollbridge Close W10 5GW
TOLL0031 31-34     Tollbridge Close W10 5GW
TOLL0035 35-38     Tollbridge Close W10 5GW
TOLL0039 39-44     Tollbridge Close W10 5GW
STQ0000 1-47 St Quintin View 28 North Pole Road W10 6QL
WALE0219 1-6   219 Walmer Road W11 4EY
WALE0223 1-4   223 Walmer Road W11 4EY
TREV0000 12-26     Trevanion Road W14 9BJ
MAAD0000 1-10 Mary Adelaide House 19 Paddington Green W2 1LG
PRIC0000 1-16   3 Princess Louise Close W2 1LH
PRIC0000-1   Car Park 3 Princess Louise Close W2 1LH
WINI0000 1-22 Winicotte House 1 Princess Louise Close W2 1LH
WESP0089 A-D   89 Westbourne Park Villas W2 5ED
WESP0091 A-D   91 Westbourne Park Villas W2 5ED
RADW0001 1-8 Radway House   Alfred Road W2 5ER
RADW0001-CP Car Park Radway/ Astley House   Alfred Road W2 5ER
RADW0009 9-16 Radway House   Alfred Road W2 5ER
LANG0000 1-33 Langley House   Alfred Road W2 5ET
LANG0000-CP   Langley House Car Park   Alfred Road W2 5ET
ASTL0000 1-24 Astley House   Alfred Road W2 5EX
ASTL0000 - CP   Astley House Car Park   Alfred Road W2 5EX
BRIL0000 1-31 Brindley House   Alfred Road W2 5EY
WESB0023B A-E   23 Westbourne Gardens W2 5NR
WESB0025 A-E   25 Westbourne Gardens W2 5NR
WESB0027 A-E   27 Westbourne Gardens W2 5NR
WESB0029 A-E   29 Westbourne Gardens W2 5NR
WESB0031 A-E   31 Westbourne Gardens W2 5NR
WESB0033 A-E   33 Westbourne Gardens W2 5NR
WESB0041 A-E   41 Westbourne Gardens W2 5NR
WESB0018 A-E   18 Westbourne Gardens W2 5PU
WESB0020 A-E   20 Westbourne Gardens W2 5PU
WESB0024 A-E   24 Westbourne Gardens W2 5PU
WESB0026 A-E   26 Westbourne Gardens W2 5PU
WESB0030 A-E   30 Westbourne Gardens W2 5PU
WESB0032 A-D   32 Westbourne Gardens W2 5PU
WESB0034 A-F   34 Westbourne Gardens W2 5PU
DELM0001 A-C   1 Delamere Terrace W2 6ND
SPEN0025 A-C   25 Spencer Road W3 6DW
SPEN0029 A-C   29 Spencer Road W3 6DW
STEP0001 1-4 Stephen Fox House 20 Chiswick Lane W4 2JE
STEP0005 5-8 Stephen Fox House 20 Chiswick Lane W4 2JE
RANE0002 A-C   2 Ranelagh Gardens W4 3RP
RANE0003 A-C   3 Ranelagh Gardens W4 3RP
RANE0004 A-C   4 Ranelagh Gardens W4 3RP
RANE0005 A-C   5 Ranelagh Gardens W4 3RP
UXBR0198 A-B   198 Uxbridge Road W7 3TB
WARR0037 A-L   37 Warrington Crescent W9 1EJ
WARR0039 A-I   39 Warrington Crescent W9 1EJ
SUTH0180 A-E   180 Sutherland Avenue W9 1HR
CHIP0048 1-24   48 Chippenham Road W9 2AE
WOOT0040 1-8   40 Woodfield Road W9 2BE
WOOT0042     42 Woodfield Road W9 2BE
WESE0001 10-11 & 19-20 & 26-27 Western House 1 Woodfield Place W9 2BJ
WESE0002 8-9 & 17-18 & 25 Western House 2 Woodfield Place W9 2BJ
WESE0003 5-7 & 14-16 & 22-24 Western House 3 Woodfield Place W9 2BJ
WESE0004 3-4 & 12-13 & 21 Western House 4 Woodfield Place W9 2BJ
WESE0004-CP   Western House Car Park 4 Woodfield Place W9 2BJ
ELGI0077 77 & A-G   77 Elgin Avenue W9 2DB
GRIL0000 A-E   19 Grittleton Road W9 2DD
EDBR0014 1-6   14 Edbrooke Road W9 2DG
MARA0034 A-E   34 Marylands Road W9 2DX
SHIR0075 1-3   75 Shirland Road W9 2EL
SUTH0033 A-D   33 Sutherland Avenue W9 2HE
SUTH0024 A-D   24 Sutherland Avenue W9 2HQ
SUTH0089 A-E   89 Sutherland Avenue W9 2HQ
SHIR0017 1-12   17-19 Shirland Road W9 2JD
SHIR0021 A-F   21 Shirland Road W9 2JD
SHIR0025 A-G   25 Shirland Road W9 2JD
CLIN0014 A-C   14 Clifton Villas W9 2PH
CLIN0018 A-C   18 Clifton Villas W9 2PH
CLIN0020 A-C   20 Clifton Villas W9 2PH
CLIN0021 A-C   21 Clifton Villas W9 2PH
CLIN0023 A-D   23 Clifton Villas W9 2PH
CLIN0024 A-D   24 Clifton Villas W9 2PH
CLIN0025 A-D   25 Clifton Villas W9 2PH
CLIN0026 A-D   26 Clifton Villas W9 2PH
CLIN0027 A-D   27 Clifton Villas W9 2PH
SUTH0080 A-F   80 Sutherland Avenue W9 2QS
BRAV0027 A-C   27 Bravington Road W9 3AB
BRAV0033 A-C   33 Bravington Road W9 3AB
BRAV0093 A-B   93 Bravington Road W9 3AL
BRAV0106 A-C   106 Bravington Road W9 3AL
BRAV0122 A-C   122 Bravington Road W9 3AL
BRAV0124 A-C   124 Bravington Road W9 3AL
BRAV0134 A-C   134 Bravington Road W9 3AL
BRAV0170 A-B   170 Bravington Road W9 3AP
BRAV0176 A-C   176 Bravington Road W9 3AP
BRAV0178 A-B   178 Bravington Road W9 3AP
BRAV0187 A-C   187 Bravington Road W9 3AR
BRAV0201 A-C   201 Bravington Road W9 3AR
BRAV0213 A-C   213 Bravington Road W9 3AR
BRAV0129 A-C   129 Bravington Road W9 3AT
BRAV0131 A-C   131 Bravington Road W9 3AT
BRAV0137 A-C   137 Bravington Road W9 3AT
BRAV0157 A-C   157 Bravington Road W9 3AT
BRAV0161 A-D   161 Bravington Road W9 3AT
PORT0027 A-C   27 Portnall Road W9 3BA
PORT0039 A-C   39 Portnall Road W9 3BA
PORT0075 A-C   75 Portnall Road W9 3BB
PORT0117 A-C   117 Portnall Road W9 3BB
PORT0018 18-18B   18 Portnall Road W9 3BD
PORT0048 A-C   48 Portnall Road W9 3BD
PORT0064 A-C   64 Portnall Road W9 3BE
PORT0078 A-C   78 Portnall Road W9 3BE
PORT0174 A-C   174 Portnall Road W9 3BJ
PORT0184 A-C   184 Portnall Road W9 3BJ
PORT0206 A-C   206 Portnall Road W9 3BJ
PORT0122 A-C   122 Portnall Road W9 3BL
PORT0203 A-C   203 Portnall Road W9 3BL
PORT0207 A-C   207 Portnall Road W9 3BL
PORT0223 A-C   223 Portnall Road W9 3BL
PORT0237 A-C Blarney 237 Portnall Road W9 3BL
PORT0251 A-C   251 Portnall Road W9 3BL
PORT0259 A-C   259 Portnall Road W9 3BL
PORT0261 A-C   261 Portnall Road W9 3BL
PORT0263 A-C   263 Portnall Road W9 3BL
PORT0129 A-B   129 Portnall Road W9 3BN
PORT0133 A-C   133 Portnall Road W9 3BN
PORT0157 A-C   157 Portnall Road W9 3BN
PORT0193 A-C   193 Portnall Road W9 3BN
PORT0130 A-C   130 Portnall Road W9 3BQ
PORT0160 A-B   160 Portnall Road W9 3BQ
ASHM0109 A-C   109 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0121 A-C   121 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0123 A-C   123 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0125 A-C   125 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0131 A-C   131 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0133 A-C   133 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0137 A-C   137 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0151 A-C   151 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0157 A-C   157 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0159 A-C   159 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0161 A-B   161 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0165 A-C   165 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0173 A-C   173 Ashmore Road W9 3DA
ASHM0185 A-C   185 Ashmore Road W9 3DB
ASHM0189 Flats A-C / Rooms 1-2 ABC 189 Ashmore Road W9 3DB
ASHM0205 A-C   205 Ashmore Road W9 3DB
ASHM0209 A-C   209 Ashmore Road W9 3DB
ASHM0210 A-C   210 Ashmore Road W9 3DD
ASHM0238 A-C   238 Ashmore Road W9 3DD
ASHM0242 A-C   242 Ashmore Road W9 3DD
ASHM0260 A-C   260 Ashmore Road W9 3DD
ASHM0140 A-C   140 Ashmore Road W9 3DE
ASHM0174 A-B   174 Ashmore Road W9 3DE
ASHM0176 A-C   176 Ashmore Road W9 3DE
ASHM0198 A-C   198 Ashmore Road W9 3DE
FERN0125 A-B   125 Fernhead Road W9 3DE
ASHM0012 A-B 12   Ashmore Road W9 3DF
ASHM0054 A-C   54 Ashmore Road W9 3DG
ASHM0058 A-C   58 Ashmore Road W9 3DG
ASHM0074 A-C   74 Ashmore Road W9 3DG
ASHM0088 A-C   88 Ashmore Road W9 3DG
ASHM0090 A-C   90 Ashmore Road W9 3DQ
ASHM0106 A-C   106 Ashmore Road W9 3DQ
ASHM0122 A-C   122 Ashmore Road W9 3DQ
CLAE0017 A-C   17 Claremont Road W9 3DZ
CLAE0018 A-B   18 Claremont Road W9 3DZ
CLAM0025 1-6   25 Claremont Road W9 3DZ
FERN0097 A-D   97 Fernhead Road W9 3EA
FERN0099 A-D   99 Fernhead Road W9 3EA
FERN0153 A-C   153 Fernhead Road W9 3ED
FERN0216 A-C   216 Fernhead Road W9 3EJ
TRIN0000 1-6 Trinity Court   Croxley Road W9 3HD
FORD00007 A-C   7 Fordingley Road W9 3HE
FORD0048 A-B   48 Fordingley Road W9 3HF
FORD0054 A-B   54 Fordingley Road W9 3HF
CROX0005 A-C   5 Croxley Road W9 3HH
CROX0017 A-C   17 Croxley Road W9 3HH
CROX0012 1-3   12 Croxley Road W9 3HL
BRAD0009 A-C   9 Bradiston Road W9 3HN
BRAD0013 1-3   13 Bradiston Road W9 3HN
BRAD0014 A-C   14 Bradiston Road W9 3HN
SALT0054 A-C   54 Saltram Crescent W9 3HR
SALT0080 A-C   80 Saltram Crescent W9 3HS
DENH0001 A-B   1 Denholme Road W9 3HU
DENH0002 A-C   2 Denholme Road W9 3HX
DENH0006 A-C   6 Denholme Road W9 3HX
MACR0016 A-C   16 Macroom Road W9 3HY
MACR0020 A-C   20 Macroom Road W9 3HY
MACR0024 A-C   24 Macroom Road W9 3HY
SHIR0305 A-C   305 Shirland Road W9 3JL
SHIR0264 A-C   264 Shirland Road W9 3JQ
SHIR0268 A-C   268 Shirland Road W9 3JQ
SALT0009 A-B   9 Saltram Crescent W9 3JR
SALT0021 1-2   21 Saltram Crescent W9 3JR
SALT0039 1-3   39 Saltram Crescent W9 3JS
SALT0049 G2 & 1-6   49 Saltram Crescent W9 3JS
SALT0067 A-B   67 Saltram Crescent W9 3JS
SALT0103 A-C   103 Saltram Crescent W9 3JS
SALT0165 A-B   165 Saltram Crescent W9 3JU
SALT0096 A-C   96 Saltram Crescent W9 3JX
SALT0114 A-C   114 Saltram Crescent W9 3JX
MARY0000 1-25 Mary Seacole House   Warlock Road W9 3LP
WATE0000 1-36 Waterside Court 75 Fermoy Road W9 3NE
WALT0045 A-D   45 Walterton Road W9 3PE
JAMC0000 1-14     James Collins Close W9 3PU
HARW0419-1 1-6   419A Harrow Road W9 3QJ
HARW0419-2 7-10   419A Harrow Road W9 3QJ
HARW0419-3 11-16   419A Harrow Road W9 3QJ
HARW0476 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3-10, 11A, 11B 476 Harrow Road W9 3RU
AVON0000B 1-6 Avon Court   Elmfield Way W9 3UD
WELF0000 1-4     Welford Court W9 3UE
FAZE0000 1-17 Fazeley Court   Elmfield Way W9 3UF
OXFO0000 1-35 Oxford Court   Elmfield Way W9 3UG
OXFO0000-CP Car Park Oxford Court   Elmfield Way W9 3UG
KENN0000 1-19 Kennet Court   Elmfield Way W9 3UH
LEIC0000 1-19 Leicester Court   Elmfield Way W9 3UJ
RAIB0001 1-62 Rainbow House   Water Lane WD17 2AP
ELOW000030 30-32     Loweswater Close WD25 0TX
ELOW000034 34-40     Loweswater Close WD25 0TX

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